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Valentine’s Day for a Travel Nurse


A Travel Nurse on Valentine's Day Eating His ChocolatesFebruary is the time of year when everyone starts trying to think of what in the world they are going to get their love for Valentine’s Day. As travel nurses or allied health professionals, a lot of you are away from the ones you love right now, making it seem more important than usual to find the most perfect gift to send to them. Sometimes it feels as if you have given every great idea you can think of! Well lucky for you here are 12 ideas of some unique and meaningful gift, even for those times when you’re too far away to spend the holiday together. Best of all you can take a few of the ideas from below and add your own spin on them.

Here are some oldies but goodies:

1.Valentine’s Cards: Buy a bunch of children’s Valentine’s Day cards and send one everyday to your loved one until Valentine’s Day.

2. Capture the moment: Who doesn’t love photos? Make a collage with photos of the two of you or even just a bunch of photos of him/her and their friends. You can even find inexpensive snow globes at places like your local hobby store to insert your own photos into to create a homemade snow globe! You can also add photos to mugs, mouse pads, or calendars to spice up any loved ones life.

3. Be Betty Crocker: If it isn’t too far to send the baked good-try making some of the cookies below, everyone loves homemade treats. Otherwise, if you’re like a lot of people you can always just order cookies and have them shipped to your loved one!

4. Coupon book: Make homemade coupons that you know the other person would love to have you do for them. Such as “I’ll do the dishes” or “One Free Back Massage” or “I’ll make breakfast” either way the coupons you create will be a sure hit.

5. Scrapbook: Make a page or an entire book of pictures of the two of you. Decorate the pages with quotes or stories that go along with each photo.

6. Flowers: Flowers will never go out of style. Just find a local store near where you’d like to send them and order away.

Here are some new unique ideas to keep things interesting:

1. Jar of LOVE: Find a little box or jar and decorate it if you choose.

  • Fill with pieces of paper with reasons why you love them or memories you have with them. Also spice it up with some quotes and /or drawings.

2. Email Valentine’s: There are a bunch of new ways to say “I love you” or “I miss you” through email “cards.” They are cheap yet are sure to warm any heart.

3. Buy A STAR: Buy your significant other a star. Nothing says you’re special to me like a star of their very own!

4. Perfume: Create your own perfume or cologne. You get to pick not only the way yours will smell but also the bottle it comes in and best of all… you get to create its name / logo for the bottle.

5. CANDY: If they love M&M’s or Dove Chocolate, what could be better than creating a little message on the inside wrapper or a couple words on M&Ms! It’s a sure treat that your loved one will eat right up.

6. Photo Book: Create an actual hard cover book full of your choice of pictures! You even get to choose the design and color of both the pages as well as the cover.

Even though you may be miles away from your loved one, hopefully by reading these 12 Valentine’s Day ideas you’ll be able to easily surprise your Valentine with something they would have never expected. Sometimes the joy of holidays isn’t in the huge present you give or receive; it is the idea and meaning behind the gift itself. Make this Valentine’s Day the holiday you give out of love and creativity. Those seem to be the gifts that are never forgotten.

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