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Treating travelers the right way


I recently came across an article that discussed the success that Glendive Medical Center, a health system in Eastern Montana, was having with travelers. They had struggled previously getting travelers to buy in to the mission and values of the hospital.

What sparked the turn around? A commitment to make their travelers feel like part of the family.

It’s good to hear a facility having success with travelers, but I hope that their revelation is more common among the nation’s health facilities than not. To me it just seems like common sense that if you make each of your employees (permanent or temporary) feel included as an important member of the staff, you have employees that are happier and  more productive.

Without naming names, what has your general experience been? Are you made to feel like a valuable part of the staff or are you treated as an outsider?

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  1. bhavensrn


    I’m on my very first assignment and seemed to have really lucked out! The nursing staff and management have both treated me like a truly valuable prt of the team. I didn’t feel like an outsider for one minute! I’m actually scared to leave! What if my next assignment isn’t as friendly!

  2. Bret says:

    That’s great bhavensrn! I really hope that your experience is the norm rather than the exception.

  3. suzzanne


    I am happy that you had a very good first assignment. However i just completed my first travel assignment outside of my home state, and it was a very damaging experience. I took as assignment in southern california in a hospital that states they are travel friendly. Beginning in orientation the staff stated how the hated teaching computer classes and that they did not have a clue why they were made to orientate us.

  4. Bhamptonrn


    My first assignment started Nov. ’08, in a hospital 3 hrs from my home. I took it because my son lives there. It was not a very good experience. I got one night orientation (paper charting) and a nurse to follow one night. They talked about how much money travelers made, so they figured they could dump on me. I would have 5-6 couplets and others would have 6-7 singles (which is easier than trying to switch between Mom’s and babes). We had no aides, had to do our own v/s, labs and housekeeping! I got so frustrated after 8 weeks and had an assignment for 13 weeks-a nightmare! I hope others are better! Watch out for hospitals that require a test before hiring.

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