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Guest Author: Jessica Bosari – Traveling Tips for a Travel Nurse


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The majority of travelling nurse jobs range between 6-13 weeks. Depending on what type of assignments you are looking to take and the length of each will be factors in what you may wish to bring with you. A key factor is to ensure you bring just a little touch of home with you to make your stay just a little more comfortable.

Getting to your Assignment

You will want to ensure your vehicle is reliable and properly maintained. Follow the regular scheduled maintenance plan as outlined in your auto manual. This practice of preventive maintenance will prove a smart choice as the miles begin to add up after each job.

Investing in a GPS, Global Positioning System will ensure accurate directions, times and distances to your assignment. Many GPS now come with free map updates as well as live traffic alerts and reroute options. The live traffic alert feature can save you a whole lot of trouble an aggravation on unfamiliar roads.

A few basic items for your car should be, jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlight, break down kit, properly inflated spare tire and hopefully an updated road assistance membership.

A Little Piece of Home

A six – thirteen week assignment, in a starkly furnished apartment, can feel like a lifetime from home. Bring a bit of home with you. Do you have a favorite c and le, soap or even dish detergent? If so, pack it and bring it to your assignment. You will find that just a small touch of home, on the road; will be a nice welcome home after a long day on the job.

A large part of travelling for work is to make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings and they feel like home. Having a comfortable place to return from a long day today can make all the difference in keeping a positive attitude tomorrow.

Dress to Impress

You have had a long workweek, long hours, an unfamiliar workplace and lack of friends. At this point, a couple of favorite’s mobile apps can become your new best friend. “Around Me” is one such app that will calculate your position and advise you of a variety of different locations such as restaurants and attractions, “around you.”

A travelling nurse will pack the staple scrubs, white shoes and typical nursing attire. Be sure to bring a black skirt or pair of pants, pair of evening shoes, earrings, tank top (to which you will cover with a light sweater) and an evening shade of lipstick.

These few items will afford you the opportunity to have an evening out without all the fuss of a closet full of choices. Packing smartly, with a few choice outfit pieces, which can easily flow from day to eveningwear, will prove invaluable when away.

The key to packing smartly is to ensure you have a full array of clothing options, for any situation you may find yourself in, without dragging out the steamer trunk. Black, white and gray all prove to be great color combinations easily livened with a splash of color or even your favorite piece of jewelry.

Working away from home doesn’t mean you need to feel alone or that you live in a Holiday Inn. Take a few choice items with you, pack wisely and have a blast while making money.

Jessica Bosari also writes for, a site that helps students get the tools and information they need to prepare for therapy careers, such as information on the best physical therapy schools.


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