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Travelers and Recruiters of the Year Announced for 2013

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A big thumbs up to 2013’s Travelers and Recruiters of the Year!

Healthcare Traveler magazine has announced the winners for its annual listing of Travelers and Recruiters of the Year. The publication recognizes outst and ing recruiters in the field of healthcare travel as well as outst and ing Travelers — including quite a few Travel Nurses!

For 2013, 48 Travelers were chosen as winners. According to the magazine, these individuals exhibit great characteristics for healthcare Travelers such as “flexibility, dependability, loyalty, professionalism, and an adventurous spirit … especially when an assignment isn’t ideal, or workplace circumstances call for a level head.” As any Travel Nurse knows, adaptability is crucial when traveling.

HT Mag Dec 2013Winning Travelers were majority RNs, but also represented quite a few Allied Health Professionals, among others. Some Travelers are fairly new to the game and giving st and out performances right out of the gate, such as Medical Solutions Travelers Quinn Anthony and Marla Preader who each have one year traveling. Quite a few winning Travelers have been at for 2-10 years. Then there are the real vets, such as Labor and Delivery RN Patricia Pitts with CRU48 who has 22 years of travel under her belt.

No matter how long they’ve been on the road, a big congrats to all of the 2013 Travelers of the Year! See the full list here.

As for the Recruiters of the Year, these are individuals who foster close, trusting relationships with their Travelers; working to underst and and cater to the Travelers’ personal needs along with his or her career goals. Healthcare Traveler says that some great qualities of a recruiter are “willingness to listen, the capacity to empathize, and the desire to help when things get sticky.”

The magazine chose 51 recruiters from across many agencies as their 2013 Recruiters of the Year. As any Travel Nurse knows, a good Recruiter relationship is absolutely essential to success in the industry. The folks on this list are legit and might be a good place to start if you’re looking for a recruiter you click with. Click here for the full list of 2013 Recruiters of the Year.

Have you or your recruiter ever been recognized in this annual best of honor? Share with us in the comments if so!

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