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Guest Author Series – Traveling Together


My life was pretty much perfect. I was married to an amazing man. We worked at the same hospital, myself as an Administrative assistant, and my husband as an ER nurse.  We had just purchased our first home together and were beginning to unpack, settle in, and buy furniture. We had a brand new puppy and I had a serious case of baby fever.

So when my husband informed me that he wanted to quit his stable job with amazing benefits to become a travel nurse, I’ll admit I thought he was going off the deep end. But if he’s crazy, then I’m crazy too, because I promptly put in my two week notice and started shopping for designer luggage.

We’ve now been traveling for ten months, and it has been quite an adventure. We’ve learned a lot, grown much closer, and made some great memories together. But it hasn’t always been easy. Traveling has been more challenging than we ever imagined. Our life on the road has many ups, downs, twists, and turns; but at least it has never been boring.

There are many great resources out there for travel nurses. But as I quickly found, the spouses of travel nurses often feel left out of the picture. I can’t quote any impressive statistics, but it seems to me that most travel nurses leave their spouses behind. After one assignment, I can understand why. The families of travel nurses have their own set of struggles and challenges, and often lack the feeling of community that the nurses share on the road.

I hope that by sharing my experiences and some things I’ve learned along the way, I can help you other spouses cope with the traveling life, and maybe even learn to love it.

Adventures in Travel Nursing

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