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Why Travel Nursing with a Pet is Good for You, Part 1


traveling with pets Traveling from assignment to assignment across the country can be exciting, yet often times lonely. Owning a pet can be the perfect complement to your traveling career. Not only do pets fill the void of companionship on your assignments, they actually could be extending your life and happiness.

Studies show that pet owners better cope with new or difficult situations. This means you could have an easier time adjusting to new locations. The longevity Institute claims that cats can add an average of 10.3 years to a person’s life. And for the dog lovers, those owners are shown to be more physically fit due to the four-legged pets keeping them active and off the couch.

Pet-owning travelers:

• Are less stressed
• Have lower blood pressure
• Stay more active
• Are happier and healthier

Many travelers are concerned that staffing companies will not allow them bring their pets on assignment. However, more and more companies are realizing the benefits of pets and how it improves their traveler’s wellness and value as an employee. One such company has been priding themselves on being the pet-friendliest travel nursing company of them all. Medical Solutions offers an array of pet benefits including paid pet deposits.

Please stay tuned for next week’s post for more information on staffing companies and pets.

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