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Free Yourself, Become a Travel Nurse


When you work a regular nursing job through a hospital there are some pros of staying in the same place. For starters you will always be in your comfort level in your home surroundings. By staying at the same job for a long period of time, you meet more people at your job and know your healthcare facility.

As a travel nurse, you won’t have that everyday familiarity; however, you do start to establish it more and more as time passes. When ending and starting a new assignment you won’t be able to meet as many people at that job, but overall you meet more people all across the U.S. since you are always going to new places and transitioning. You also won’t get wrapped up in the hospital politics like you would in a permanent place.

Every nursing job offers medical insurance, PTO and 401K, but to receive there benefits you must work for that hospital for a certain time period. As a travel nurse, the more established companies offer medical insurance and 401K from day one. That’s just the beginning of benefits.

The best benefit of traveling nursing is being able to travel across the U.S. meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Once you are in your new home, you can go out site seeing and check out all the hot spots in that area.

The main reason people become a travel nurse is traveling. You get paid to do the traveling you have always wanted to do and didn’t have the money to do sooner. Traveling is cheap and easy, when the more established companies reimburse you for your travel and licensure expenses, and help you get your certification.

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  1. unambwe. says:

    I,m asking an opportunity as a travel nurse.I,m a nursing officer from Tanzania,having an experiences of three years working.

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