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Travel nursing with a mixed generation family


travel nurse, mother  and  daughterTravel nursing with a mixed generation family (a gr and parent coming along) may actually be one of the easier scenarios when it comes to travel nursing with a family. As long as you or spouse are able to live under the same roof as your in-law the benefits of this situation far outweigh most negatives.

When it comes to children you will ahve an extra caregiver, which is obviously any nurse with children’s biggest challenge and concern when considering a travel assignment.

With an extra person along to watch over any kids this also gives the chance for both you and your spouse to work. And this obviouly boosts one of the best benefits of traveling, how much more money you can make as a travel nurses. Finding work for both you and your spouse can be a challenge in itself, so make sure you read these posts for tips on that:

Setting up housing could be one of the biggest challenges in this scenario. More specifically finding housing big enough for a family of 5 or more people on a travel nursing assignment could be difficult. That doesn’t mean it is impossible it just will mean a lot of pre-planning and may limit the actual locations you are actually able to work in. With this scenario, as with all other traveling with familyscenarios, make sure you communicate up front with your recruiter what your plans are so they have time to plan accordingly and provide you with your options.

This family set-up is really a combination of all the others we have covered so far so be sure to check those out as well:

Overall this scenario requires patience and planning, but once you get into a routine of setting it up and working with your recruiter it has a lot of advantages. The more difficult part of it is probably actually living with your in-laws, but if you have that figured out already then definitely give travel nursing together a shot.

As a bonus here are some links to help you or your spouse live with your in-laws:

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