The Nurse Mafia (An offer you can’t refuse.)


Starting a new assignment takes a lot of planning. The one benefit of traveling is meeting new friends. Our daughter jokingly calls our network of health care travelers “the nurse mafia.”

When we are looking for items and or information we usually reach out to other travelers. There are other practical benefits to contacting other travelers.

Passing on items and simply learning where the good deals are found can help you get started in the right direction. My husb and and I have bought sold and passed on everything from snorkeling equipment, computer equipment and even leased out our vehicle.

We have built a Free Classified Ad section on our website

It is br and new and the more people who use it, the better chance you have of finding what you need. Please let healthcare workers know about the Free Classified Ad Community.

The one problem that we found is when we were traveling we only got to meet a limited amount of travelers.

We have a section marked (activity partner wanted) where you can post and let people know when and where you are traveling. This is” a work in progress “so we welcome any suggestions.

Oh, by the way it is not necessary to give out your email or contact information unless you wish to do so. You can simply have them hit the reply button.

Please pass this forward to other travelers possibly your “nurse mafia!”

Carol e-mailed and asked “Do healthcare workers rent out there home base apartment, or house to other travelers?” Stay tuned for our answer next week.

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  1. Gary Cox says:

    Great idea, I will pass the info on to others.

  2. Thanks !! very helpful post!

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