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Things to do in Travel Nursing – The Cherry Blossom Festival


Potomac Blossoms Travel Nursing Blogs

This time of year is special for travelers near Washington, DC as it provides a great opportunity to experience the Cherry Blossom Festival. Years ago the Japanese donated thous and s of trees and they were all planted around the National Mall, Tidal Basin, and even the Potomac River. Over the years it has become popular and draws in thous and s of visitors during the festivities.

The festival itself lasts for a couple months, but the blossoms are in full bloom right around March 21 each year.There are all sorts of events, but we mainly went for the view and a stroll through the National Mall. What we learned from the experience is that it takes at least two days to see it all.

We made it to about half the monuments, along the Potomac, around the Tidal Basin and through 1 of the Smithsonian buildings in 6 hours. We took a lot of photos, so maybe we were a bit slow. Our feet felt like we ran a marathon though. We are going back before blossom ends to try and see everything we missed.

We even entered the cherry blossom photo contest. If you like, you can vote for our cherry blossom. Voting only pertains to the people’s choice category and does not count for the real competition, but thanks in advance.

If you decide to go, the orange and blue lines of the MARC train will drop you off at the Smithsonian. The train runs about every 15 minutes from early in the morning to late at night. What was awesome is that it only cost us $7.00 round trip for each plus $4.00 for parking on the edge of town. A very cheap day to say the least.


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