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Travel Nursing Checklist Item #25: Unpacking your stuff


travel nurse unpackingAfter arriving at your travel nurse housing the best thing you can do (assuming you have given yourself enough time and don’t have to be at the hospital the next morning) is to take an afternoon or so and unpack and get settled in.

You may be thinking “I’m only going to be there for three months, how much unpacking do I really need to do?”

Well for starters living our of boxes is just going to create an extra stress to your life that you just don’t need. Plus 3 months is a lot longer than you think.

Secondly, If you forgot something important you will find out much quicker when you are unpacking. Waiting until the first day of your assignment to discover that heels are the only shoes you packed is not a good way to get started.

Finally, you may just absolutely love the location and the hospital and decide to extend. Wouldn’t that be an easier to decision to make if you were already unpacked?

OK, so now that we have established how important it is for you to unpack how can you do it as quickly and easily as possible? The more you travel the more you will establish your own routine, but these tips are for those of you just getting started.

How much you have to unpack can depend a lot on whether or not you took housing from your travel nursing company or if you decided to take a stipend and set up your own housing. But either way these tips should help you out.

The first thing you will want to do is unpack your boom-box, stereo or iPod and get some of your favorite upbeat music playing. This will help you get in a rhythm, which makes everything go faster.

Next move each labeled box or tub into its appropriate room. You did mark your boxes right?

After that take a look at the furniture, is is it where you want it? If not move it now, before you get everything unpacked.

Unpack your “essentials” box first if you have one. Having one is a good idea so that if you do find yourself in a pinch for time you can just unpack that one box and still be able to function and get to work.

After the bathroom is done, move on to your bedroom. Take some time to make sure it is going to be a comfortable place for you to get a good nights sleep each night, but especially the first night.

If you have kitchen items, especially if you set up your own housing, then unpack that next. You will probably want something to eat once you are done right?

Then move onto the living room and unpack any other miscellaneous items you have like a bike, or pet supplies, etc.

Finally, this is a great chance to throw out anything you don’t need or think you over-packed.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Travel Nursing Checklist.


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