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Travel nursing checklist item #16 – The travel nursing job interview


The next step in the Ultimate Travel Nursing Checklist that you will be aware of is the travel nurse interview. Between being submitted and interviewed may be a bit of waiting for you. But at the hospital and the travel nursing company a bit more is going on. The hospital staff responsible for making the hiring decision will be evaluating your resume, references, skills checklist and profile along with all the other c and idates competing for the job, which is why you want to have a st and out profile.

Your travel nursing agency will be contacting the hospital on your behalf trying to convince them that you are the best c and idate to meet their needs. And sometimes this is not just based on years of experience alone. So don’t get too worried. Travel nursing is such a unique job and good travel nurse c and idates have a few different characteristics than just what makes a good nurse. For instance a nurse with 5 years travel experience out of 8 years of nursing experience may have the edge over a first time travel nurse with 20 years nursing experience, or a nurse who has already worked in a particular part of the country may have an edge over a nurse who didn’t. It all just depends on the hospital’s needs.

Depending on how the hospital is set up and how many travel nursing companies they work with, two basic processes will be going on while you are waiting to hear from the hospital.  Either a staffing or HR manager will look over your profile, one among anywhere from 10 to 40 other c and idates (less companies means less competition for you) and decide which ones meet the needs that the nurse unit manager has told her she has for the position. She will usually narrow this down to the top three or so and and them to the nursing manager to evaluate and /or interview. If the hospital is smaller the nurse unit manager is more likely to be in direct contact with the travel nursing agency eliminating the go between, but leaving her with more profiles to evaluate. Either of these situations means you will have to sit and wait a little until you get your travel nursing interview, but don’t take it as a time to veg, instead use it to prepare so that you can blow the hiring nurse manager away during your interview.

One of the first and obvious differences of a travel nursing interview versus a traditional interview is that it will be done over the phone. For some nurses that is a cause to breathe easy, for others it is a cause to panic.  If you are the latter don’t worry we have done several posts here at full of great travel nursing interview tips, so rather than rehash them all here are the links:

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Overall when it comes to interviewing for a travel nursing job the key is to be confident of your skills and not to get nervous. Taking the time to prepare will help you a ton in this regard.

Keep an eye out for the next step in the Ultimate Travel Nursing Checklist installment; accepting the travel nursing job.

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