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Be the Apple of Hospitals' Eye


Even though there is a nursing shortage, hospitals aren’t just going to take any nurse that comes around. They are looking for certain characteristics in each nurse they interview. When being interviewed over the phone, always remember to be yourself and be honest about your experience and skills.

Hospitals are looking for a travel nurse that is going to come in and make a difference on the floor. Therefore, you need to have at least a year of prior experience, and the more you have the better and more appealing you look. Many hospitals prefer at least two years, so if you don’t have that don’t take it personally if they don’t want to hire you.

Good references are important too. Hospitals need to be able to check up on you to make sure your skills are adequate for the job they need to fill. Their goal is to provide good care for the patient, and they need to make sure you will be able to do that.

Always keep in mind that hospitals need to have confidence that you come in and do what you need to do. Hospitals will be judging you on your resume, skills checklist and phone interview.

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