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The Value of other Travel Nurses


value of other travel nursesWhether you are starting out on your journey into travel nursing or a seasoned traveler, the best way to learn is from other travelers.

They are the best source of information in a variety of areas.

  • What travel nursing companies should I work with?
  • Where should I go?
  • What hospitals are the most traveler friendly?
  • What is the housing situation like?

There are a variety of ways for you to get this information, you can check out travel nursing forums like:

You can also check out travel nursing company review sites like:

Additionally you can talk to other travel nurses. But that can be more difficult if there are none or very few at your hospital.

Another great way is to read blogs from travel nurses who share their experiences like:

Finally you can go to a site like Healthcare Travelbook, a social network for travel nurses, that combines all of these ways of learning from the experiences of others into one platform. It is free for travelers and has over 3000 members to give you advice for your travel nursing career. Check it out.



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Healthcare Travelbook is the leading social network for travel nurses and travel allied health professionals. It offers jobs, reviews and forums for healthcare travelers.

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