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Travel Nurses: Make Yourself a Nationwide Resident


Help make your life as a travel nurse easier by signing up for different memberships that can be used nationwide. One aspect of travel nursing that can be difficult is getting used to your surroundings, but you can keep your life more simple by taking advantage of these different options.

Everyday Life

Become a nationwide resident with the help of national companies

Make life easier with companies and services that are available across the US.

Open a checking account at a bank that is located nationwide. This will make it easier to deposit checks and get cash out of the ATM without any charges. This is much more convenient than having to worry about finding your bank in a new city every 13 weeks.

Bank of America

U.S. Bank

Wells Fargo

These days less and less people are using l and line home phones. Some travel nursing companies do set up a l and line for you in your new home, but changing your number every 13 weeks can be difficult for people to keep up with. Get a cell phone with nationwide coverage allows you to have one number that doesn’t change, and you don’t to have to worry about calling cards and long distance fees. It will also make it easier for your family and friends to keep contact with you.





On the Road

AAA is best known for its roadside assistance, but it offers more than just that. You can also receive different types of discounts from hotels to dining. Some of the perks are prepaid 24-hour emergency towing, locksmith, tire change, fuel delivery and maps. With AAA, you can travel without the fear of being str and ed.


Nobody wants to be lost on the road and GPS is a way to help you get avoid that situation. It can be used for local help or even for a road trip cross country, and assist you in learning your way around your new home without getting lost. Just imagine finding the stores you need to without driving around wasting gas. Another option instead of GPS is navigation on your cell phone. Companies are now offering GPS on your phone for about $10 a month. These services come with auto-rerouting, mapping, local searches by name or category, and place messaging.

GPS Reviews



Circuit City


Everyone always wants to keep in shape, so it is a good thing 24-Hour Fitness, Bally’s and Life Time Fitness offer nationwide memberships. Make it easy to get your workout in, get a membership that can be used in multiple states. Keep in mind that these gyms aren’t in every state, but try to pick the one that will be in most of the states you work as travel nurse in. Each club has their own types of memberships. You just need to find the right one for you.

24-Hour Fitness

Bally Total Fitness

Life Time Fitness

Sometimes after working the floor all day, making dinner is the last thing you want to do. Well you are in luck. There are websites where you can order meals online. Order in advance to be able to get the meal on a certain day, or if you are planning on having people over then you can order an appetizer for your guests.

Home Bistro

Dine Wise



To help relax when on assignment after a long day of working the floor, watching a movie is always a good way to clear the mind. Netflix and Blockbuster both offer movie rentals by the mail. There are no late fees, so you can have the DVD for as long as you want. With no late fees, you don’t have to watch the movie in two to seven days. You can wait to find a convenient time for you. Depending on your plan, you can have one to three DVDs at a time. This makes it easier than driving around in a new place trying to find a store while on assignment. Plus with the gas prices rising, it is a good way to save money.



Another thing to think about is possibly spending some money on a XM or Sirius radio. This way when you are driving across the country you will always have a radio station you enjoy to listening to. You will also be able to listen to the radio at home, online and on the go. It offers commercial free music, sports coverage, breaking news reports, a traffic navigator and weather updates.



Remember, keep your life simple. These few nationwide memberships can make your travel nursing experience that much more enjoyable. There is no need to worry or stress, when traveling is becoming easier every day.

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