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Ask a Travel Nurse: Are there any updates on how travel nurses can help in Haiti?

Share know that the media has since found other stories and we have even had another earthquake in the headlines, but the need in Haiti continues and here are a few updates I have.

It appears that there is still no one single agency spearheading any efforts to send nurses into Haiti. There are hospitals and volunteer organizations that are organizing teams and providing assistance here and there, but we still have no mass effort to send U.S. nurses. This is despite having literally thous and s of nurses here in the states that have expressed interest in helping in Haiti.

Searching the web will give you many stories of those that are assembling teams that are planning Haiti trips, but unless you are part of that organization, you would probably not receive a spot on the team. One exception might be an organization called Project Helping H and s. For nurses that want to travel to Haiti, and have the means, or a sponsorship, Project Helping H and s is offering a spot on two more teams traveling to Haiti. The deadline for their second trip has passed and the deadline for a third trip is quickly approaching. The date for their third trip is from April 13th to April 25th with the team staying in a compound with beds, running water, and electricity. The cost of the trip would be approximately $1600. To get full details and apply, go to project-helping-h and

The ANA (American Nurses Association) has also started putting up information on their website regarding Haiti and even has a form you can fill out to volunteer. They can be found at

I know that many of you have personally emailed me wanting info on helping in Haiti. I wrote of this in one of my posts before, but I wanted to once again stress the importance of knowing exactly what is in store for you as far as working conditions. I know that many of us express interest, but very few can imagine what it must be like in Haiti. One site that has quite a few accounts of healthcare workers in Haiti and their stories can be found at

I’ll continue to keep you posted on any opportunities that become available for those wanting to help.

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