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By December 17, 2008 6 Comments

Travel Nurse to Mission Control


What’s your mission?

I was recently reading this article “How to converse with travel nurse recruiters” at and it reminded me somewhat of an older post from Beth at where she talked about nurses having a Mission Statement.

Almost every company has a Mission Statement that clearly communicates the company’s vision, their methods of conducting business, and the st and ards they measure themselves against. These statements are created mostly for the employees’ benefit. As they can use the mission to help guide them through business decisions and also provide motivation during the work day.

Gary’s post at was a very good post with tips about how to talk with travel nursing recruiters, but to me the most important part of his post is how to be prepared to talk with a recruiter.

So how does this relate to a Mission Statement?

As a travel nurse or someone considering travelling, it is crucial to have a good idea of what you want from a travel nursing career. Your Mission Statement. Why do you want to travel? Where do you want to travel to? Do you like the challenge of being working in a large city hospital or do you prefer a small town atmosphere? Do you want to try to learn new skills?

Gary mentions having a list of priorities that he needs each recruiter to answer. For him, these priorities include underst and ing certain benefits a travel nursing company offers. This is a great idea that you should add as part of your Mission Statement.

All these things are important and will help you have a rewarding travel nursing experience. Armed with your Mission Statement you’ll be able to use it to help guide you in choosing travel nursing companies and assignments that match your career goals.

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6 Comments on "Travel Nurse to Mission Control"

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  1. Kim


    I would like to find out opinions on the many travel nursing companies. I appreciate your input.

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