The Good. The Bad. And the Evil?


Tax time is good when we receive a refund, bad, when we have to pay but it can be an evil time when we accept bad advice.

There are many opportunities to save money at tax time. This is one of those times you need to invest to save. Find a reputable tax expert who has experience and credentials to deal with your situation as a traveler.

Far too often we listen to people without knowing the facts.

If you question a deduction and need another opinion phone the help line at the source. Internal Revenue Service and each state have a help line. Most people who run these help desk are very informative. If you phone and are not happy with the service, call again and ask for a supervisor. Always keep names and dates when you call.

It is very important to learn the facts when it comes to taxes. Each person’s situation is different. Avoid evil things happening to you at tax time by dealing with the facts and getting professional advice.

From John and Janet

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