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What good is a Travel Nurse Loyalty Program if you don’t know how it works?


It seems that nowadays, every single retailer or service provider has some sort of loyalty program that rewards its customers as a way of saying thank you and Travel Nurse companies are no exception. In fact in 2010, more than 2.1 billion loyalty memberships existed in the U.S., according to Colloquy’s 2011 “Forecast of U.S. Consumer Loyalty Program Points Value.” The report revealed that the average U.S. household signs up for 18.4 such programs.

At first, signing up for these various programs seems like a great deal but later down the road, most don’t know how they work or what these loyalty programs are actually offering. In many cases, Travel Nurse loyalty programs are the same way. Each agency has their own version of such programs, some that are fairly simple and easy to follow, while others have many stipulations in place that make it nearly impossible to actually redeem any sort of bonus.

The paradox, says Mark Johnson, president and CEO of loyalty marketing think tank Loyalty 360, is that consumers are more engaged with and more 
dem and ing of br and s than ever. “Loyalty is no longer about points for a purchase,” he explains. “Consumers are looking for ways to engage with br and s who listen to them. Loyalty is about timeliness and relevancy. You have to underst and each individual and how often they want to be engaged. Your offer must be unique and tailored to each person and delivered through the channel they want it delivered through.”

As a Travel Nurse, it is highly important to find that one agency that fits to your ideals and values, while offering you the best in customer service… However, if you’re just in it for the money, you may not have a chance to experience what it’s like to be a valued “customer.” In it’s most basic form, a loyalty program is designed to thank Travel Nurses for their devotion to the agency, and if you’ve found one that lives up to your expectations and offers a loyalty program, well that’s just icing on the cake!

Before signing any contracts with an agency, it’s very important to inquire about the various benefits offered, from paid time off to Completion and Loyalty bonuses. Read the fine print associated with the bonus programs, make sure that the goals set out are attainable and that your hours or points don’t expire within a certain amount of time. Many programs make it difficult for the traveler to redeem such bonuses let alone keep track of. Below we’ve listed a number of Loyalty Programs being offered to the Travel Nurse community. If you know of any others, please add them to our comment section.

Travel Nurse Across America – Complete 1300 hours of work (approximately 3 assignments) with Travel Nurse across America and enjoy your choice of cash bonuses, paid vacation, housing perks, or other rewards.

CoreMedica Group CoreMedical Group rewards their travel nurse, travel allied health, and permanent placement staff by offering them the ability to qualify for the company’s all-inclusive, annual trip to the Caribbean.

Fastaff – The 3 level bonus program will apply to all assignments beginning or ending between 7/31/11 and 1/15/12. Bonuses will only be paid upon COMPLETION of an assignment.

Advantage RN – Advantage RN offers its travel nurses Loyalty Bonuses of $250 — $500 on every 13-week extension you accept with us. (Please note: nurses have the choice to continue their FREE single insurance OR receive a Loyalty Bonus with each extension.)

HGI Healthcare – We’re also with you every step of the way with rewards and other perks that demonstrate our commitment to RNs by rewarding you for your dedication to your patients, and your loyalty to us.

Onward Healthcare – Onward Healthcare offers one of the most comprehensive travel nursing bonus plans in the industry, including up to $5,000 completion bonuses for select travel assignments. These bonuses are paid upon the completion of your assignment and are detailed in your travel contract. We also offer renewal bonuses on select assignments of thirteen weeks or longer.

Aureus – Other bonuses, including sign-on and completion bonuses, vary from travel assignment to assignment but are often available.

Procel Nurses – All Travelers earn a Loyalty Bonus throughout the year. The bonus is earned upon each 1000 hours worked in one year. Your recruiter will tell you all about it.

Medical Solutions is also launching a new Loyalty Program for travel nurses at the start of 2012. It’s one of the easiest explained traveling nurse loyalty programs in the industry. Simply work 600 hours and they’ll pay you $600. Work another 600 hours and earn another $600… All throughout the new year.

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Patrick Fuerstenau here. Born in Kentucky, raised in Germany, landed in Nebraska and still here. I've been involved with Marketing and Advertising for over a decade. It all began with an internship at an ad agency in Omaha, followed by a 9 year stint as a graphic artist at the lone major newspaper in Omaha. A friend of mine told me about an opening at her company and said that it was the best gig she's ever had... So I decided to spread my proverbial wings and see what I could do for them and vice versa. So here I am at Medical Solutions as a Marketing Specialist for a great travel nursing company. This by far has been a major blessing in my life. I love the work I get to do just as much as I love the people who make up this fabulous company. I can see myself here for a long time... As long as they'll have me. Now that we've got the career timeline out of the way... Let me tell you a little about who I am. I am oh so passionate about the game of futbol! I've been playing soccer since the age of 8 and am still playing today. If I couldn't at least kick the ball around, I don't know what I would do with myself. I fear getting old. I also have a strong love for the arts... Music, Visual arts, Film, Design... pretty much anything and everything arty. I'm happy go lucky and am always looking to have a good time. Just ask my manager! And I love writing about travel nursing.

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