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Travel Nurse Hobbies for the Road, Part 1


Travel nurse hobbyTravel nursing jobs let you see the world and experience new things, but occasionally you may still find yourself with some downtime to fill. A good hobby can add a new dimension of enjoyment and learning to your travel nursing assignments. Here is a two-part blog series of great hobbies that may inspire you while on the road.

Travel photography

As a traveling nurse you undoubtedly will be exposed to many wonderful scenes, exciting local events and interesting people. One great way to take advantage of this opportunity is to photograph your travels. Here are some tips to make your travel photos a true representation of your memories.

Be original – Don’t shoot from the same spot you see everyone else taking pictures from; use new vantage points to make your photos more interesting.

Take the right angle – Find ways to shoot photos from a wide variety of angles. A different angle can reveal new details of your subject you may have normally missed.

Change the distance – Zooming in or using a wide angle lens in the appropriate spot will enhance your photos by helping you put the emphasis in the right place.

Add life – Incorporate people into your photos to give them more personality.

Vary your framing – Using both horizontal and vertical layouts will add variety to your photos.

Pay attention to the signs – Take pictures of signs, they can be funny, contextual or just plain interesting.

Aim small – Sure you will want that l and scape photo of the Gr and Canyon, but don’t forget the close-up of the donkey you rode down to the bottom.

Take pictures in context – You will want to remember where you saw that funny old man feeding the squirrel. So be sure to include some scenery that can give the viewer clues about where the photo was taken. Just don’t force it o
r you may lose some of your original intent of the photo.

Change up your photo subjects – You may not realize it as it happens, but getting home and realizing every picture is of your friends in front of a building can be a little disappointing. No matter how much you like your friends.

Before you point and shoot make sure you visit these great resources:
Fodor’s: Focus on Photography
TPN: The Travel Photographers Network


Scrapbooking is a great way to turn mere photos taken during your travel nursing assignments into memory storybooks that can truly communicate your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Getting started is easy:

Gather and sort your photos – Sorting them into either themes or chronological order will be easiest. Then break them down to even smaller groups. You will really only want 3-6 images on each page.

Pick your album – If you have lots of photos you will want something with larger pages. If you plan on adding more pages later you will need an exp and able and refillable album. Don’t forget sheet protectors.

Get a good set of cropping scissors – Be careful not to cut anything out of the photo you may want to remember in the future. It helps to have a back up of the photos you plan on cropping.

Choose the right color – The rule for finding the right color for your pages is experiment, experiment, experiment; you never know what may work.

Make your photos pop – For extra eye appeal mat your photos or add other decorations around them. Be sure to use acid-free glue or tape “splits” to keep your photos safe.

Don’t forget about journaling – Adding little snippets of information to go along with each photo will add depth and value to your scrapbook. When journaling remember the five W’s; Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Here are some great resources to help you start today:
Creative Memories

If neither of these two hobbies has sparked your interest make sure you check back next week. We will be highlighting three more fun hobbies for travel nurses on the go.

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