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Ask a Travel Nurse: How much should I expect from a Travel Stipend?


Ask a Travel Nurse Question:piggy bank travel stipend

Hi Jill, I am looking at taking a travel assignment in Maui in August and am going to take the stipend, how much should I expect? If I needed a car would they also be able to provide this? Will they/ should cover round trip airfare as well?

 Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

All companies are different.  All those costs get figured in to the job somewhere, so if they cover a car and flight then you will just make less hourly than a company that doesn’t include some or all of those things. As far as how much you will spend, it really kind of depends on when you go.

To get a rough idea for housing, I would visit the GSA website to find the maximum allowable tax free housing stipend.

Airfare is something that is also negotiable. Most companies will offer the flight, or a travel reimbursement. Travel to HI is generally more expensive than other locations, so you can expect more in this area, but again, it may mean less in some other area of your compensation.

Cars are a different story. You may be offered a rental car. But you should not be receiving a tax free stipend for a vehicle. These rules were reexamined a few years ago and basically the IRS says that commuting is something you would do whether at home or on a travel work assignment, so the tax free guidelines do not apply here. If you receive a stipend, know that it will be taxed, and then keep all receipts of vehicle expenses so that you may claim them properly on your individual returns. It is also possible that you may be reimbursed by your company if you rent a vehicle and turn in the receipts.


Happy Travels!


Jill Budler
Housing Specialist

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Jill has been in the travel nurse housing industry for over 10 years and has expertise on a variety of travel nurse housing topics from how to find housing if you are taking a housing stipend to how to ensure you're getting the best deal from your travel nursing agency.

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