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Ask a Travel Nurse: Dishonest Recruiter?


Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

Travel Nurse RecruiterI’m currently in a situation where I’ve accepted an assignment with a recruiter who has been less then honest with me. She lied about housing, gave some address of an apartment complex then at the last minute before the holidays put me in an extended stay. Then she lied about the contract, I was suppose to do day-shift then because I couldn’t start on the date agreed upon,  I had to work nights, inferring that there was some urgency that someone work day-shift. But once I arrived at the facility I find out that the person who is going to work day-shift hasn’t even started, and that they have a 48hr guaranteed contract.

I’ve worked on this unit before, had excellent reviews and the company had been requesting that I return four times over the past year. The person who got the 48hr day-shift contract not only did he just float to our unit, before, he started an entire week and half after I did. I ready to walk out of this contract and file a complaint with the BBB, against this agency. What advice do you have for me?


Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

I can certainly offer advice, but to be able to fully assess the situation, I would need some more info. If you’d like, you can email me at and I can review a few things with you.

I’m a bit busy right now trying to secure another travel assignment myself, but send me some more details and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

[pullquote]As for reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), if you feel that you have been wronged by the company and they did in fact breach your contract and promises were not kept, then YES, absolutely feel free to report them.[/pullquote]

Let me know what company you are currently with and how long you have been with them (or is this your first assignment with them?) If you have been with this company for more than one assignment, is this your first time working with this recruiter? Also please clarify when you said that the “company” requested your return, are you speaking of the travel company or the facility? What are the consequences of you walking? What does the travel contract say as far as any penalties or “fees” you might incur? Does your contract allow for termination by you? I have worked with companies that state that I can cancel the contract for any reason with two weeks written notice.

Walking on a contract is not something to take lightly, but it does sound as if you have enough justification and possibly even a case for breach of contract. If you are able to scan a copy of your contract into your computer, I would be willing to look at it, but obviously cannot offer “legal” advice (it just helps me know what options you might possibly have).

As for reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), if you feel that you have been wronged by the company and they did in fact breach your contract and promises were not kept, then YES, absolutely feel free to report them. I feel that any company that does not fulfill their contract or keep promises that were made should be reported to the BBB. If more nurses did this, then it would help every other travel nurse out there make informed decisions on travel companies. Not all travel companies are registered with the BBB (in fact most are not), but whenever you research a company, you can always see if any claims were filed with the BBB and these are always listed as well as impacting a company’s score with the BBB.

Feel free to email me personally with some of the additional info and  I can better help advise you.

Hope this helps.


About the Author:

Hello everyone. I’m a travel nurse originally from Ohio who graduated in 1993 from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in Columbus. I completed a critical care fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital in 1994 and started traveling in that specialty a year later. My first travel assignment was in Maui and since that time I have completed close to 40 different contracts in various states with multiple travel companies. I am the author of Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing), in addition to my writings here and in the pages of Travel Nursing publications such as Healthcare Traveler Magazine and American Nurse Today. I am presently on assignment in Phoenix, AZ and travel anywhere from six to eleven months of the year.

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