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Should I the Take Travel Nurse Company’s Health Insurance or Get My Own?


travel nurse with question health insuranceDeciding which option is better for you really depends on what kind of traveler you are.  Generally, taking the company’s insurance is the slightly cheaper option, since the company is involved in group rates.  However, if you are not continually taking an assignment or tend to hop from company to company, there might be some lapse in coverage. So how do you know which option is best for you?

You’d be a good c and idate for the company’s insurance if you:

  • Travel exclusively with one company
  • Work consecutive assignments in a row
  • Don’t like to deal with the hassle of h and ling the policy on your own

If one or more of these reasons doesn’t fit you, then perhaps it’s best to stick with a private plan. The upside to taking your own insurance is that you will notice an increase in your quoted hourly rate from the travel nurse company. This is because they are not figuring the cost of insurance in your rate. Also, there should never be a gap in your insurance coverage and you do not have to deal with issue of switching your insurance frequently if you do hop companies.

I do recommend inquiring about a company’s insurance before you commit to an assignment with them. They should be able to send you an info packet detailing how good of an insurance package they have, protocols on lapse between assignments and the issue of switching companies.

Still not sure? Visit a travel healthcare forum to see what others have done.

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