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Ask a Travel Nurse: How Do I Get my Agency to Change my Housing?

How can I get my travel nursing agency to change my housing?

Not happy with this assignment's housing arrangement?

Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

I recently signed a contract for an assignment in the boonies (appalachain mountains), the housing that they placed me in (from reviews I’m reading) is a $65 a night motel with an attached bar; I’m reading reviews about prostitutes and drugs and honestly I’m scared.

How do I get my company to change my housing assignment? Should I just take the stipend and find my own housing? I drive down there tomorrow and start working on Thursday.

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:


I would do a lot of research on your own and see what you can come up with.  Hotels are sometimes the only option in small towns.  If you can come up with something else, I would bring it to your companies attention and see if they would be able to move you.  There are many reasons why this might be the only option for them in that town so communication with your recruiter is crucial when traveling.

Let us know if you have anymore questions,

Jill Budler

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Jill has been in the travel nurse housing industry for over 10 years and has expertise on a variety of travel nurse housing topics from how to find housing if you are taking a housing stipend to how to ensure you're getting the best deal from your travel nursing agency.

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