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Ask a Travel Nurse: What companies do international travel nursing?


international travel nurseQuestion:I am looking for a travel company that does international travel nursing in Surgery besides O’Grady. Looking to go New Zeal and , Irel and and /or Engl and . Thank you for your time.

Answer: When I have responded to others looking for UK assignments, I am usually doing the exact same thing as they are: typing “international travel nursing” into some search engine. Without firsth and knowledge, it is often hard for me to write extensively on a subject. However, I do know where to find a few resources.

Nursing forums are always the places for very specific questions on travel nursing. Join as many as you can and post or search for questions pertaining to international travel. Delphi Forums has a few forums that are dedicated to travel nursing as well as

One UK site where I might start is Continental Travel They have a lot of info on their site and speak to what is required to become licensed to work in the UK. They also have links to the English proficiency test that you must take to become licensed in the UK.

This should give you a place or two to start and I hope this helps.

About the Author:

Hello everyone. I’m a travel nurse originally from Ohio who graduated in 1993 from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in Columbus. I completed a critical care fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital in 1994 and started traveling in that specialty a year later. My first travel assignment was in Maui and since that time I have completed close to 40 different contracts in various states with multiple travel companies. I am the author of Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing), in addition to my writings here and in the pages of Travel Nursing publications such as Healthcare Traveler Magazine and American Nurse Today. I am presently on assignment in Phoenix, AZ and travel anywhere from six to eleven months of the year.

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  1. Blaire


    DO you have the email of the person that posted the question? Looking to see if she found anything? I have been searching for the same and am running in circles. Thanks!

  2. David says:

    Received a rather aggressive email from another nurse (on a different post) on the subject of international travel. I conveyed that I simply could not be an expert in every facet of travel nursing, but her email did prompt me to do exactly what I had written in response to the original question; I typed “international travel nursing” into a search engine and the fifth entry was on where they list literally dozens of overseas companies. Try heading to that page and checking out the companies they list there. The link is:

    Hope this helps.


  3. Courtney


    I am looking for any opportunity to travel and work in Italy. Do you know of any reputable agencies?

  4. Courtney, did you check out the link in the previous post?

    Since I do not have direct experience overseas, this is the best resource to which I can direct nurses.

    It has a ton of info. Please check it out.


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