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Ask a Travel Nurse: What advice do you have for travel nursing in Hawaii?


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Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

I just signed a 3 month contract at Maui Memorial. Wondering if you have traveled to Hawaii and could give me some tips. Like what to bring and cheap rental car places. Thanks.

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

If you are working in ICU or see anyone from the unit, please tell them I said hello. There is not a lot of turn -over in regular staff and I have spent three assignments and a little over two years in total living on the isl and .

Bring whatever you can fit into what they will allow you to take on the plane. If you have something special like SCUBA gear or golf clubs, that stuff can always be mailed to you.

You need to find out where you will be staying. Most likely Kihei (closer) or Lahaina (further). You probably do not want to stay over in Wailuku (where the hospital is located), because that is the industrial side of the isl and and not very touristy.

However, that will mean that you need a car. You can try the big names at the airport like Enterprise or Hertz and ask what they can offer you for monthly rates. Be prepared for something like $600/month or more (Maui is beautiful, but NOT cheap). Or you can try looking up smaller rental car companies on the isl and and see what they can offer you.

The first time I was there, I actually bought a car for $1000 and sold it for $400 when I left. You can also consider shipping your vehicle which is about $1000 each way from California (the best option if you stay for 6+ months at a time like I do). You can also rent a car only on days that you need one (to get to work or go sight seeing), but that is a hassle.

First, find out where you are staying (to determine how often you must have a car) and then make some calls to rental car places. Research the isl and a bit to see what things you want to experience while you are there.

Feel free to contact me again when you have some more info or other questions along the way.




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  1. Mike Sproul says:

    Ahoy nurses !
    I am a boat captain on Maui an married to a long time travel nurse. She is a CRNA now.

    I would like to get the word out to all of the travelers that I have a super fun and affordable charter boat here on Maui. I am happy to offer discounts and special packages to all the travel nurses in Hawaii and elsewhere.

    Please take a look at my website.

    I would love to offer you awesome ocean adventures on Maui. I can give the bast prices to groups of 4-6 people. We snorkeling, fishing, whale watching, out island adventures and almost anything that you can do on the water around Maui.

    i will really show all of you a great time for a great price, on a private boat.

    Aloha, Captain Mike Sproul

  2. Dar


    Aloha Nurses!!
    If anyone is looking for fully furnished rentals on Oahu please feel free to contact me. All of my homes are right on the ocean. After working a long shift you can come home to your own beach house and feel like you’re on vacation.

  3. Elda


    Please looking for rental January 2015. My son 17 year old and I will be at Oahu (work assignment) Thank you. 520-904-4098

  4. anna


    Hello Dar!

    I am planning on taking an assignment in Hawaii in early April. Im not sure which hospital yet, but could I get some contact info from you? Maybe you could help me with housing options if I land a job on Oahu!

    Also, Mike, I will definitely be contacting you!! That is super cool of you to have special offers for us nurses 🙂


  5. Amanda


    I have been travel nursing for almost 2 years across the southern part of the US, and am looking to travel to Hawaii when I leave Atlanta in September (ish). I have applied for my license and asked that it not be processed until the turnover in June/July. I hope that works!!

    Hawaii is the only US state I have never visited for any reason and I am looking forward to the opportunity. I need some advice on housing locations and rental agreements. Assuming I take a six month contract (ER or ICU which ever gets me there), I believe an apartment or town house would be best. However, I am open to other ideas as well. I have never needed my company to provide housing and am unsure what the rates will be like there. I will need pet friendly accommodations as well since my puppy travels with me. Plus I may bring the motorcycle, is parking an issue?

    I scuba dive several times a year and also need some advice on good companies for further certifications and recreation. What areas of the islands are best for work (ER or ICU), living, and scuba?

    Capt Mike I will definitely come find your charter company when I get there!!!

    Thanks in advance for any tips/advice/suggestions.


  6. Sarah Golden says:

    Aloha Traveling Nurses !
    I am a Realtor and (favorite) aunt of a Beautiful, hard working 29 year old surgical nurse. I own over 30 condos on Maui that I rent out long term.

    This March I was contacted by a traveling nurse to see if I had anything she could rent for three months. We figured it out and she moved in. I have loved having her here and even introduced her to my family! Which I never do! Now she and my son are beach & paddle boarding buddies.

    It has been such a nice experience that I have decided to keep this condo strictly for adventurous, hard working traveling nurses.
    If you are interested in a 1 bedroom condo at Napili Ridge (north Lahaina) you can contact me directly. I can give you all the information you may need.


    Sarah Golden, RS 74569
    C. 808-280-0844
    Maui Showcase Properties, 808-662-0660

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