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Top Study Tips for Travel Nurses


travel nurse studying for online BSN classOnline schools are a great option for travel nurses who want to earn their BSN. The on-the-go lifestyle and frequent relocations make traditional on-campus nursing programs difficult for travel nurses. However, the frequent lifestyle changes and busy schedules create unique challenges for travel nurses who choose to continue their education. To succeed, online nursing students will need to make smart study and time management choices.

Here are the top 3 tips on how travel nurses, who earn their BSN while working full time, can make the most of limited study time:

1. Have a plan. Working nursing students are balancing two dem and ing schedules: a job and school. There are bound to be days when it seems like there simply isn’t enough time to accomplish everything. The best way to combat feeling overwhelmed is by creating a study plan in advance. Determine the amount of time you have to study each week and prioritize the study tasks that need to be completed. Some students find it helpful to actually chart out each week using a calendar or day planner. When creating a study plan, it is important to be realistic and flexible regarding what you can achieve.

2. Create an appropriate study environment. Online nursing students need a good physical and electronic study environment that minimizes distractions. Select a place in your home where you will complete your school work and remove all clutter from the area. Organize your study materials and supplies to ensure that they will remain easily accessible. Create a separate user account on your computer that you will login to when you are completing coursework. Block that account from accessing distracting programs or websites, like social media and games, with your computer’s administrative controls.

3. Use “wasted time.” Many students lose valuable study time every week by not fully using all available time. Consider time spent commuting or sitting in waiting rooms before appointments. This “wasted time” may seem unavoidable, but it is possible to utilize this time to study. Recorded lectures and flashcards are two examples of how study materials can be easily portable. If you make it a point to always have some course materials with you, you will be able to transform “wasted time” into study time.

Working as a travel nurse and attending school at the same time can be challenging. It is important that you study smarter, not harder, in order to prevent burn out. By following these three tips, you can maximize your study time, successfully balance a dem and ing schedule, and succeed in online nursing school. Thanks for these tips from Degree Jungle.

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