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Guest Author: Mary Ward – 7 Great Web Resources for Travel Nurses


The bonuses that go along with travel nursing are extremely rewarding; and while the experiences of no two travel nurses are ever the same, it is critical that you stay up to date with as much available experience and education that you can get your h and s on to secure your future as a travel nurse. With adequate knowledge and proper planning, you will have everything you need to be the best travel nurse that you can be. The Internet is an excellent on-the-go way to do just that.  Start here and go far with these 7 Great Web Resources designed just for you!

Top Resources Online for Travel Nurses

1. Highway Hypodermics – Many travel nurses find this one to be an excellent resource. You will find free information on the top ten companies, referral services and travel hospitals. Connect with others by reading some amazing nurse stories and learning from the travel nursing blog.

2. – This website provides a great deal of support and advice for professionals in the field of travel nursing. You can help others like you by submitting your evaluations of hospitals and other facilities, which you have visited throughout your career. You can find information on the best hospitals and much, much more.

3. Healthcare Traveler – This site is an awesome resource for travel nursing job opportunities as well as advice from other therapists, technologists and nurses who travel. Read some great stories from others in the traveling healthcare field to get inspiration and motivation in a job that you love.

4. – This website is the official site for The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers and is a great place to find reliable and unbiased information that all travel nurses will benefit from throughout their career.

5. – Another great resource site for travel nurses. You are able to learn more about a career in travel nursing and learn about the amazing pay and awesome benefits. This site features a number of links and is a great place to find job opportunities in traveling healthcare.

6. Travel – Here is one of the best places to learn about travel nursing including information about pay, benefits and jobs in the industry. This site features, among other things, a great FAQ page that all nurses will find helpful.

7. Travel Nursing Magazine – This self-proclaimed leader in travel nursing resources provides you with information on travel nursing and so much more.

With resources like these at your disposal, you are sure to be on your way to living the dream as a successful travel nurse for a very long time.

Mary Ward is a blogger and enjoys writing about medical career  topics, such as how to choose among radiology technician online schools, job and education tips, and more.

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