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Top 10 Reasons to be a Travel Nurse


I thought I’d try to do a Top 10 list about the great reasons to be a travel nurse. Check it out and see if you have any other reasons that you think should be added.

  1. See new places
    It is hard for many people to travel the world, let alone travel across the country. By traveling with an agency, they will pay for you to go to the places you want to go. Travel nursing gives you the opportunity and the break needed to make a life change.
  2. Freedom and flexibility
    Have the ability to choose when you want to work. You can always take time off between assignments to give yourself a break, and once you are ready to jump back in the saddle there will be an assignment ready for you.
  3. Professional growth
    Each assignment allows you to continue to learn, since each place you go to will teach you something new. This allows you to not get stuck in the same routine when treating patients.
  4. Job security
    There is always a need for nurses in the travel nurse industry because of the nursing shortage. Hospitals everywhere are in need of nurses; there is always a place for you to go.
  5. Meet new people
    Staying in the same location can make it hard to meet new people, since you are stuck in the same routine every day. Travel nursing will force you to meet new people every time you go on a new assignment.
  6. Make more money
    Traveling as a nurse allows you to make and save more money.  You will be able to save your money from working given that you don’t have to pay rent or many bills.
  7. No workplace politics
    Since you will be a temp not perm, you will not have to deal with the everyday workplace politics. You can just focus on giving good patient care while working.
  8. Networking
    Having the opportunity to travel around and meet new people allows you to network too. The more people you know in your field the better, so when you do need help finding a job or just a place to stay when traveling to a new  assignment you have someone to ask.
  9. No burn out
    Having a long term job at a hospital can become tiring while you are waiting for your PTO. As a traveling nurse you will have as much time between assignments as you want, and you can pick your length of assignments giving you control of your career.
  10. Discover new interests/hobbies
    Living in a new environment allows you to try new things. Different places have their own popular hobbies in the area. From snow skiing on the mountain tops, swimming in the ocean or hiking through the canyons.
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