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Team Scrubs Bring March Madness to Work


March Madness is almost upon us and everyone is excited to support their team.  Even at the office our neighbors and friends show team spirit with their Duke jerseys and Michigan neckties.  Thanks to collegiate team scrubs those of us who wear scrubs to work don’t need to feel left out!  Doctors and nurses across the country can sport their Kansas Jayhawks scrubs and tie their IU scrub caps.  Americans of every profession and all walks of life enjoy the camaraderie and competition of March Madness. In fact, the reality that Americans have to go to work doesn’t keep them from enjoying the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, people all over the country will spend many hours of their work day devoted to watching games, checking stats, and reviewing outcome- more than half of the entire US workforce to be more precise!  In the first two days alone, a quarter of these people are expected to spend at least 2 hours on the NCAA website, watching games, reading articles or other related activities.  Big deal?  You bet.  It is estimated that employers will lose as much as $1.7 billion dollars to productivity during the tournament.

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Besides simply being an avid fan of the game, many Americans take advantage of March Madness as an opportunity to gamble and or enter competitions to win a little free money.  Offices, clinics, athletic teams, book clubs, and just r and om groups of friends all over the country are filling out brackets, attempting to predict the both the winners of each game and the tournament as a whole.  An estimated $12 billion dollars is wagered on the games annually. Of course, corporations don’t want to be left out of the fun either.  All types of companies create a wide variety of specials, games, and marketing campaigns based around the “bracket style” tournament that is March Madness.


Here at Scrubadoo, we wanted in on the action – we’re filling out our bracket, we’re watching the games, and we’re giving you the chance to win free scrubs!  When you purchase your team’s scrubs between March 1st and March 20th, you are automatically entered into our exclusive bracket challenge to get those scrubs for free.  At the end of the tournament, when the champion is declared, we will refund, in full, the cost of the winning team’s scrubs to anyone who bought those scrubs.  So join in the fun with the rest of the nation and bring a little March Madness to your hospital, clinic or office with collegiate team scrubs.  All you have to do is pick your team, wear your scrubs proudly, and show off your school spirit!  As soon as your team takes the winning shot, the cost of your scrubs are on us. No strings attached!  BUT, there can only be one winning team… so who are you rooting for?

Confident in your team?  Click here for more information on winning your free scrubs!

By Scrubadoo’s Eva Dixon. is a healthcare apparel and medical scrubs store that focuses on providing high quality products and a superior customer service experience.  Scrubadoo serves both retail and wholesale purchasers and are a proud partner of Cherokee, Dickies, Barco, Grey’s Anatomy and many other leading scrub br and s.

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  1. That’s the team spirit! I’ll be supporting my team for sure!

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