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Guest Author: Joy Paley – Stay Connected While On The Road: 6 Sites for Travel RNs


travel nurse using social networks to stay connected with friends  and  familyTravel nursing is an exciting career choice for nurses that want to help new patient populations while also experiencing new cities. Being on the road does have one potential downside, however—that longing for the family and friends that make home special. In today’s wired world, it’s easier than ever to stay connected and to put that homesickness at bay, even when you’re half a world away. Check out these 6 sites that can keep you up to date on what’s going on with your loved ones, and keep them up to date with you.

1. Facebook

This one might be a little obvious; it seems like even my great-gr and parents are using this social network by now. The key to using Facebook to really stay in touch, though, is to underst and its most useful features. Facebook messaging can be a low key and low stress way to just say hi, when you don’t have the energy to write a full-blown email update. This laid back way to communicate can take the burden out of staying in touch.

2. Flickr

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to upload all your photos to Facebook and tag and caption them. Flickr offers a more streamlined approach to photo sharing—you can upload pics from your phone, email, or browser. Plus, it’s easy to import your contacts from your email, so you can quickly share them with family and friends who want to know what you’re up to.

3. Tumblr

What’s nice about Tumblr? It’s a blogging platform that doesn’t make you feel like you have to include every single thing you did that day in your blog post. It’s made for microblogging—quickly posting snippets of text, images, videos, or more. Think of Tumblr as a way to give others a snapshot of your day or your thoughts at any given moment. And, you can update your Tumblr on the go from your phone and sync it up to your Facebook.

4. Delicious

You’d be surprised how sharing your web habits can help you stay connected with your family and friends. Delicious is a website that lets you bookmark cool or interesting sites, and lets you see what others have been tagging, too. Whether it’s a serious article about a current political topic or a cute cat video, sharing your web finds with friends will mean you have something to talk about next time you’re on the phone with them. Bookmark sharing can be like a little window into someone’s personal media, and thus, what they find interesting.

5. Google Chat and Google Buzz

If you don’t have a Google account yet, it’s time to go online and make one. Having one Google account will give you access to all of Google’s excellent tools for staying in touch. Google Chat is the company’s instant messaging tool, which now also has voice and video capabilities. What’s so special about it? You can use it while browsing your Google e-mail, and it automatically adds your frequently used email buddies to your instant chat list. Google Buzz is another cool option that lets you share interesting photos, links, or text with your fellow Google contacts.

6. deviantArt

If you’re the artsy type, you might need a way to share your latest creations with those back home. deviantArt is an online community that lets users set up profiles and show off their digital art, photography, traditional art, movies, or any other type of user-created good. Your relatives can view and comment on your art. And, you’ll be able to view art from artists all over the world, and even potentially find an artistic community wherever you’re currently working.

 Joy Paley is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on earning your nursing degree  for the Guide to Health Education.

About the Author:

Joy Paley is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on earning your nursing degree for the Guide to Health Education.

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