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Spring Cleaning For a Travel Nurse’s Vehicle


Spring Cleaning for Travel NursesWith spring right around the corner starting March 20th, we all begin to feel the spring cleaning itch. With your busy life as a travel nurse it is a good possibility you are not living at your own home, so why not focus the spring cleaning on your vehicle? With it going all over with you it is probably in major need of a good deep cleaning. You may be thinking why not just go to a car wash and have it cleaned for you, but by following the steps below you will not only have pride in yourself but also be surprised how much cleaner you can get your car yourself. Listed below are a few cleaning ideas for your vehicle that you may have never thought of. So try all the ideas or just a few to get started.

Spring cleaning for your vehicle:

First impressions are important: Start with the outside of your car. The second you know it looks good from the outside your mood is sure to change from winter to spring. This is also a good time to see if there is any damage that may become a huge problem in the future, giving you time to get it fixed before anything major happens.

  1.  Make sure you use soap that is made for cars and never wash your car in direct sunlight.
  2. Try not to wash your car at your home if possible because you will be washing off dirt, oils, gasses, and other dirty particles, which will be coming off and getting left around your home, driveway and sidewalk.
  3. Water your car down before you wash it to help rinse away dirt that is really stuck on that may cause a bigger mess if not rinsed first.
  4. Use a big bucket of soapy water and a large sponge or mitt and try doing it in small circles while making sure to rinse the sponge/mitt often, as to not let little pieces of dirt or grime leave scratches in your paint.
  5. Don’t forget to get the under bed, because a lot of times it tends to be forgotten and could have built up and mud from the winter months that could cause rust.
  6. To dry it, try and use a chamois or another type of soft cloth to protect your paint.
  7. Finish by putting a good coat of wax on your car, it will help to protect the cars paint from the UV rays and should be done according to the wax product’s directions. Your car MUST be completely dry before doing.

Car washing tips

How you feel on the inside is just as important: Start by making your life inside your car less cluttered. Go through all the places you stash things and take them out.

  1. Glove Boxes should only have the essentials such as the owner’s manual, vehicle registration/proof of insurance, service records and other information you would need to operate your vehicle safely.
  2. Take out the floor mats and shake clean followed by a good vacuum. Make sure when vacuuming you get the floors, in between the seats, and even go over the seats where they fold to get everything out that might be building up.
  3. Windows are the eyes to the road so make sure you have them cleaned inside as well as outside. Be aware to use a non-ammonia glass cleaner when cleaning windows. A lot of times they can leave behind smudges or towel fibers so try using a crumpled newspaper to wipe off the windows.
  4. If you have leather interior, make sure you use leather cleaner following the directions they have placed on the product, then following up with a leather conditioner after it has dried completely.
  5. If your car has vinyl, follow the directions and use a cleaner as well as a protectant to wipe down all vinyl areas such as the door h and les and dashboards.

Tips for cleaning the inside of your car

Finishing Touches, Engine and all: Now is the perfect time to do some finishing touches by checking what helps your car run safely. These may seem like obvious checks or they may not but either way they will be important to have checked at some point along the way.

  1. Check your windshield wipers if they are leaving streaks making it more difficult to see or falling apart it may be time for a new set. Maybe even try Rain-X which helps to repel rain drops making it easier to see during the rainy seasons.
  2. Oil Change: always be aware of when you need your car needs new oil. Most say every 3,000 miles, but now days more engines are able to make it 5,000 miles before they are due for a change. Just make sure you know your car.
  3. Check your tires and see whether you need to:
    1. Buy new tires
    2. Have your wheels balanced
    3. Have your wheels aligned
    4. Change your driving habits
    5. Change your tire pressure
    6. Also make sure you don’t have any items stuck in your tires such as a nail or glass that may end up being a problem soon.
  4. Look at your lights and make sure they are still working and that you don’t have a tail light or head light out you were unaware of.
  5. Check to see if you need to replace your air filters, it is recommended to change them twice a year. And if you live in a place with a lot of trees that dump pollen you may also want to change them in the summer.

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Now that you have some ideas for how you can spring clean your car, hopefully you will be able to find some free time to try some of the recommendations out. Just by having a clean car your entire life can seem a lot less cluttered and messy. With the new season coming around it’s the perfect time to recreate your car from old to new all over again with just a few simple cleaning ideas.

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