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Guest Author: Ashleigh Lincoln – Smartphone language app for travel nurses


travel nurse with smartphoneAt some point in our careers, most of us have experienced the anxiety and frustration that comes with being unable to communicate with someone we are caring for. Nurses encounter language barriers with patients and their families no matter where they work, but travel nurses find themselves in tricky communications situations even more frequently. Those circumstances are made even more stressful when emergency care is involved.

It is important for all travel nurses to be prepared with tools and resources we need to h and le whatever comes up on the job. Ideal travel nursing tools are:

  • Accessible from wherever we happen to be
  • Reliable and complete with high-quality content
  • User-friendly enough to navigate quickly, without having to think about it too much

Smartphone apps are great for this, and we just heard about a new one that could be especially useful to nurses working with Spanish-speaking patients: Vox Spanish-English Medical Dictionary for iPhone and iPad.

Once installed from the App Store or Ultralingua’s website, the application supplies medical translations of Spanish and English terms without an internet connection requirement. The app developer, Ultralingua, told us they built on their existing partnership with Vox publishers to create a user-friendly app complete with reliable dictionary data.

Having a medical-specific Spanish-English translation dictionary on h and when examining, treating, and caring for patients can make a huge difference in the quality of care we are able to provide. Even if you’ve studied Spanish in the past, medical terminology is difficult to retain in another language.

Here’s a rundown of what comes with the application, which we strongly recommend:

  • 147,000 accurate medical translations covering an extensive range of specialities, including cardiology, endocrinology, immunology, obstetrics, oncology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and more
  • A verb conjugator with complete conjugations for thous and s of English and Spanish verbs
  • No Internet or data connection required

The Vox Spanish-English Medical Dictionary for iPhone, iPad and Mac launched October 27 for $49.99. Check it out in the App Store or at Ultralingua’s website to learn more.

About the Author:

Ashleigh writes for Ultralingua. Ultralingua makes high-quality apps for people who love languages. Our dictionary software is available for dozens of languages and specialties on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, the web, and other mobile devices. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to learn more about us. You can also learn more about our apps in iTunes App Store.

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