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Simple Ways Be a Green Travel Nurse


Woman putting cans  and  bottles in recycling bin- earth day travel nurseWith earth nearly upon us, what better time to start making a difference. Global warming and the dangers facing the environment are in the news a lot these days and at times it can be a bit overwhelming, but if everyone works together it doesn’t have to be. There are small actions we can do as individuals that can go a long a way towards helping. For example after putting away your groceries or finishing that cottage cheese think twice about throwing the containers away. Instead, try using your grocery bags as a trash bag and those cottage cheese containers make great Tupperware substitutes. These may seem like small acts, but if everyone does them they can add up to a big difference for the environment.

Here are a few more things you can do while you are getting around, at home or at the store to help the earth now and improve life for our kids, families and future generations. Whether you are on a travel nursing assignment in Phoenix, Arizona or across the country working a travel tech job in Augusta, Maine the tips listed below are suitable for everyone year round.

Getting around

  • Find a close friend on your travel nursing assignment and take turns carpooling to and from work. Eliminating cars on the road will help save gas and cut down the pollution in the air.
  • Also, give yourself some extra time to walk or bike to work if you live close to your hospital assignment, this also helps promote healthy living and physical activity.
  • Keep in mind the importance of maintaining inflated tires, aligning your wheels and getting oil checks every 3,000 miles, which helps keep your car in the best and safe condition. This also helps the environment in more ways than most people know simply by improving fuel efficiency. Keep Your Car In Tune With the Environment Walking

At Home

  • When doing your laundry try using cold water opposed to warm water. Cutting down your warm water use and avoiding using the water heater helps with the environment and reduce utility costs.
  • In your everyday life at home try not using an electrical appliance when a manually operated alternative would do just as well. For example, instead of using an electrical can opener try using your h and held can opener.
  • Unplug electrical devices when you are not using them, a DVD player or microwave clock flashing 12:00 can be a big energy drain.
  • Invest in some re-usable containers for long lasting use to keep the food in your refrigerator fresh.
  • During the night or when you go on vacation turn your heat down a couple degrees to reduce your heating bill.
  • Instead of using plastic bags to outline your trashcan use brown paper bags, it is an easy substitute with a huge impact on the environment. Helping the environment

At the Store

  • Avoid buying disposable products; instead try to buy products made with paper or other recyclable materials. At first sight when we see the word “disposable” we often assume we are making a good decision for the environment, but, what most people don’t realize is that disposable products often end up in l and fills.
  • Try not to buy food or other products packaged in Styrofoam or plastic because these materials cannot be recycled.
  • Buy products locally made and grown, either from a farmers market or grown in your own vegetable garden. Buying locally made products cuts down on store inventory, this in the long run saves on the costs of importing products to stores. Environmentally Preferable Purchasing How to Go Green Guides

Keeping the environment in mind in regards to these three simple areas of your life will help improve a complex environment. Remember, every one of us can contribute on a daily basis; small differences in your life can make a world of a difference to the planet.

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