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By January 8, 2014 30 Comments

Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?

Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?

Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?

The fate of MTV’s travel nurse reality show “Scrubbing In” appears to be up in the air. Rumors of cancellation swirled towards the end of the show’s run, but all 10 episodes were aired.

“I’ve traveled before, many times, and this was like no other assignment,” said Fern and o in the season one finale, which aired in late December 2013.

And apparently, the show’s depiction was like no other assignment the majority of nurses had ever witnessed either!

Facing a massive outcry from nurses and nursing organizations, MTV eventually responded by agreeing to move the show’s air time to a less prominent slot, re-edit several episodes, and create features that better showcased nurses as professionals, among other efforts.

The network also ran this disclaimer at the start of each episode:

“MTV has the utmost respect for the life-saving work nurses do every day. Scrubbing In follows the lives of nine traveling nurses and is not meant to be representative of all nurses or their experiences.”

Travel Nursing Blogs contacted MTV regarding the future of the show, but MTV did not return Travel Nursing Blogs’ request for comment on the show’s status.

On Twitter, fans of the shows have been bombarding the network with hashtags like #savescrubbingin and #scrubbinginseason2. On December 30 the Save Scrubbing In Twitter account tweeted, “They said they were filming but planning to cancel and they said to keep tweeting if you want it to stay.” The account appears to have been created that same day, and , along with the fan page MTV Scrubbing In (not run by MTV), is encouraging fans to voice their desire for a second season via social media.

On January 5, Scrubbing In cast member Fern and o Rodriguez posted a photo to Instagram of himself and fellow cast member Heather Ambrose with the hashtags #scrubbingin and #scrubbin2. Rodriguez did not directly address comments asking if that meant the show was on for a second season.

Cast member Nikki Cirrincione’s exchange with a Twitter follower was perhaps the most definitive answer available at the time of this posting — though not the most satisfying for those wanting to hear a yes or a no. When asked “So is Scrubbing In coming back for another assignment or what?” she answered, on January 8th: “Still waiting to hear!”

Travel Nursing Blogs will stay on the case and keep you posted when we hear a definitive answer to the question: Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?

Do you want to see “Scrubbing In” back for a second season? Let us know what you think the show’s fate should be in the comments.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a travel nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!

30 Comments on "Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?"

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  1. Tiff


    Nope…it’s done! Their 15 minutes went up a long time ago!

  2. Janine


    If there is, can they replace Tyrese?!

  3. Bridget


    I love this show& really wanted to know if Heather married Dalton or choose Adrian???1 Please make a Season 2 so Im not left in the wind!!

  4. Haley


    I love this show!!! I want to know what happens with Heather and Adrian! GIVE US A SEASON TWO!!!! Its a cool show!

  5. Sarah Wengert


    Hi folks, I still haven’t heard anything conclusive. I just did some more Twitter research and as of four hours ago Nurse Nikki just said she still is not sure if there will be a season 2 and they are still waiting to hear. So, I’m just updating to say we still don’t know 🙂

  6. alyssa spradlin


    I love this show!!! I want to know what happens with Heather and Adrian! GIVE US A SEASON TWO!!!! Its a cool show!

  7. Kayla


    Honestly this show is great it shows the real life of working people… Who cares if there out partying that is what every person does after work.. When they are at work they are completely serious and responsible. I will admit I work at a hospital and it is the most wonderful experience saving lives but can be stressful so THERE SHOULD BE A SEASON 2 OF THIS SHOW NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

  8. adam


    I love the show, ready for season two!

  9. Dusty


    Season 2: YES!!!

  10. Amie


    I hope it comes back!!! <3 I really got into it!

  11. jairren


    I really hope they renew the show for more than just season 2!!! It was so much better than laguna hills or the hills or any reality TV show MTV has attempted in the last decade, with the exception of the Real World of course!

    Plus Heather Ambrose was the hottest person I’ve seen in my entire life!

    MTV canceling this show would be the worst thing they’ve done since giving Jersey Shore a show

  12. Kari


    I LOVED this show . Can’t wait for season two 😉

  13. Gigi


    Please have a season 2. They left it too open ended and I would love to know what happened to the nurses after they left CA and went home!

  14. Brenda Barish


    I want there to be a season 2 i loved thia show it was the hiqhliqht of my day !

  15. pattie imm says:

    yes, i want a seanson 2!!!!

  16. carmen


    I love the show i hope to see a season 2

  17. sarah


    I love the show hoping for season 2

  18. Amber


    yes, bring season 2

  19. kris


    I love this show I hope they bring it back for more seasons. Needs better air time though

  20. Bre


    I really hope they bring this show back.It really motivates people who want to be registered nurses like me!

  21. Matt McCue


    I met Dalton in Pittsburgh last night, he said he broke up with Heather and they are done

  22. Erica


    Love the show. Is the season coming back?

  23. Sarah Wengert


    Hi Erica, I’ve been keeping tabs on it, but haven’t heard anything indicating that Scrubbing In will be back for a new season.

  24. Shannon Campas


    I love this show! Just found it on Amazon prime & watched the entire season in one day! It was awesome! The fact that people are always being ridiculously over critical is absurd! It’s a reality show!. Just like they posted this is not meant to depict the lives of all traveling nurses. No show is a true representation of anyone’s life or profession because no two experiences are identical. It’s entertainment, get over yourselves!

  25. Staci


    Love the show. I was a traveling surgical technician. We worked hard and played hard. Just like these nurses do So I really hope there is a season 2 of scrubbing in.

  26. Ginger Martin


    I really hope to see season 2 I love this show and I really miss it so can y’all put it back on

  27. Connie


    I have been a nurse for 20 yrs. Reality shows are created to attract viewers. For those of you who watch this show and are considering a career in nursing I suggest you do not conduct yourself in public the way some of the nurses do on this show. Be aware that you are a professional. These people are making money at the expense of the reputation of their fellow nurses. Your integrity is everything in health care. Have fun with that dirty money ladies and gents.

  28. VictoriaSecret



  29. Yolande


    Yes yes yes for a season 2!!!!! Loved the series and cant wait to find out what happened between Adrian and Heather???? Please!!!!

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