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Scrubadoo’s News: Movember


travel nurse pretending to have mustacheNormally in our monthly blog here we talk about scrubs, uniforms, and other changes that are going on with the clothes you have to wear to work.  This month we are going a little out of our norm.  We want to breach the subject of mustaches.

Walking around the hospital over the next few weeks don’t be surprised to see a vast increase in the amount of facial hair on the men you work with.  This is not just happenstance, over the last several years, November has become a special month for the mustache.

In case you haven’t heard November has become the official month of “Movember.”  In it’s 8th “official” year Movember, is a movement to raise awareness for men’s health, specifically focusing on prostate cancer.  One-in-six men are affected by prostate cancer, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  This is a very curable disease if caught early.  However, in my experience, men are stubborn and tend to think they are invincible.  Thus, we are not always the first to volunteer ourselves up to talk about our health, let alone go out and get tested regularly. Which is where Movember comes in.

What exactly is Movember and how does it work?  It is simple really.  Starting on the 1st of November any man willing can pledge to shave their upper lip one last time for the entire month.  For thirty days thereafter they will keep the rest of their face nice and clean shaven while doing their best to grow the bushiest mustache possible.  Many of these brave men will collect monetary pledges from friends, family, and co-workers that will be donated to various research & awareness groups to help fight a variety of great causes.

I imagine some men probably just use the month as an, underst and able, excuse to grow a sweet mustache.  To be honest, I think every man has at least some desire to see what they look like with a mustache.  The more the merrier!  Even if you don’t raise money you can help raise awareness.

To “officially” participate in Movember, you can register at

If you still aren’t convinced to give it a shot maybe Mr. Clean can convince you.

Mr. Clean, the 54-year-old Proctor and Gamble icon has never sported facial hair, yet even he sees Movember an acceptable reason to start. Mr. Clean’s ‘stache will grow in accordance with the number of Likes he gets, as measured by a “Stache-O-Meter” on his Facebook Page.

“I’ve gone over 50 years without facial hair of any kind.” Mr. Clean stated in a on  “Even the 70′s couldn’t make me grow a mustache. But for an important cause like this, I’m gonna grow the greatest mo’ ever illustrated.”

If that isn’t enough motivation I don’t know what is!

About the Author:

Brett Brohl is currently the CEO of both and Scrubraisers brands which are headquartered in Minneapolis MN. makes the online purchase of anything a nurse needs to wear to work as easy as can be. offers a unique fundraising solution for any group or organization. He has an MBA from The Darden School of Business and attended Wake Forest University for his undergrad degree. Brett is originally from South Florida, enjoys entrepreneurship, anything having to do with the ocean, and hates the cold.

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