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Scrubadoo’s News: The Arrival of New Balance Scrubs


New Balance ScrubsIt has been a while since our blog about companies traditionally known for shoes entering the scrub market (namely Skechers and New Balance). While it took a while for the New Balance Scrubs to come to fruition they have finally arrived.

In case you didn’t read the blog from a few months ago I will get you caught up. Everyone is familiar with New Balance shoes. They are obviously a humongous br and known for comfort. Well to take advantage of it’s br and , New Balance licensed the rights for a scrub line to the same people that make GelScubs (best known as the collegiate logo’d scrubs).

Here is a little info on the scrubs straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The New Balance Scrub line was started for a simple reason: they wanted to incorporate recent advances in performance apparel technology into the healthcare work place. This mission is demonstrated by the variety of features you may expect from athletic clothes but are found on the New Balance Scrub collection; such as Lightning Dry technology. This is no accident. When creating the new line, the manufacturers created a new fabric they term “PerforMed” which is the first performance fabric that combines the best athletic and healthcare technologies into the New Balance line of professional uniforms.”

Prior to launching the new line, we had the opportunity to touch, feel and wear the scrubs ourselves (something we do for every new product we sell). The material of the scrubs truly does have an amazing feel to it. It is an incredibly soft, comfortable scrub to wear. In addition to the feel, the fabric has just a touch of stretch to it. When you wear the scrubs there is zero constriction. You have a full range of movement. In fact, they have a very similar feel to what you would expect from athletic clothing.

The only real negative to the line is the limited number of cuts and styles it is available in. We hope that with time and success they will begin to roll out new styles.

To check out the New Balance Scrubs or learn more about them you can visit us at!

About the Author:

Brett Brohl is currently the CEO of both and Scrubraisers brands which are headquartered in Minneapolis MN. makes the online purchase of anything a nurse needs to wear to work as easy as can be. offers a unique fundraising solution for any group or organization. He has an MBA from The Darden School of Business and attended Wake Forest University for his undergrad degree. Brett is originally from South Florida, enjoys entrepreneurship, anything having to do with the ocean, and hates the cold.

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  1. Cheryl


    I have a couple of sets of the NB scrubs. They are very comfortable and the fabric is soft. I am looking forward to more cuts. We are limited to solid colors where I work, however the NB have been a great addition to my wardrobe. A bit on the lighter side (as we have to wear royal) compared to Cherokee, however it is fairly close.

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