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Organizing your travel nursing life – Researching the travel nurse industry


OK, so now that you have read the first two posts in this series on organizing your travel nursing life (Organize your travel nursing life  and Organizing your travel nursing life – Signing up for Evernote) and at this point have Evernote installed on all your devices we are ready to delve into how to use it to research the travel nursing industry.

hesistant travel nurseStep 1:

Here you will list out all the questions about travel nursing you have. Every nurse will have different questions about the industry based on her life and career situation, but here are some basic questions we  have seen here at Travel Nursing to get you started:

  • How do I become a travel nurse?
  • How do I find the best travel nursing companies to work for?
  • Who makes a good travel nurse?
  • Do you need experience in nursing before travel nursing?
  • How does tax-free money work for travel nurses?
  • How do travel nurse companies feel about hiring older nurses?
  • What things are included in the pay rate?
  • How can I find a travel nursing job in my specialty?
  • How should I plan to get around during my travel nursing job?
  • Where do I start? How do I become a travel nurse?
  • What should I expect as a base pay rate and get paid what I’m worth?
  • How much should housing cost?
  • What travel RN companies provide pet friendly housing?
  • Do I have to re-register my car for each new state I work in?
  • How do I find the best travel nursing companies to work for?
  • What agencies are well known in the travel world?
  • Should I be able to negotiate my wages with my recruiter?
  • How good are travel nursing benefits?
  • Who makes a good travel nurse?
  • Can I bring my pet?
  • Should I carry my own malpractice insurance?
  • What can a first time travel nurse do to get a job?
  • What specialty should I choose if I want to be a traveler someday?
  • What things are included in the pay rate?
  • How do I negotiate to maximize my travel nurse contract?
  • What should I expect with housing provided by my company?
  • How can I find a travel nursing job in my specialty?
  • What should I look for in a first travel nursing assignment?
  • How do I get everything done before I leave for my travel nursing job?
  • How do I prepare and stay stress free about starting my travel nursing job?

Step 2:

Open Evernote

Step 3:

Click File>New Notebook to make your first Notebook. Name it your first question and  be sure you make it a Synchronized Notebook so you can update it no matter where you are.

evernote new notebook

Step 4:

Choose your new Notebook and Open the Internet, I suggest using Google Chrome, but Internet Explorer will work just fine.

evernote ie

Step 5:

Use the search toolbar in your Internet Browser or open your favorite search website like Bing or Google and start with your first question and copy and paste it into the search field.

evernote search
Step 6:

Find the result that answers your question best and add it to Evernote. To do this you simply highlight the copy and right click on your mouse and click on the “Add to Evernote” button.

evernote search results

 evernote clip result

result in evernote

Step 7:

Repeat step 8 two to four more times. Three to five different answers to the same question is probably all you are going to need, but if you need more, feel free.

Step 8:

Start at Step 3 again with your next question. And repeat until you have found answers for all your questions

Step 9:

At this point you will have a great collection of information about the travel nursing industry that will help guide you through the process of starting your travel nursing career. Now give yourself a couple of days off from researching and then come back and read the answers you have compiled.

About the Author:

My name is Jeff Long. I’m the Marketing Director at Medical Solutions, one of the leading travel nursing companies. I have never been a nurse and am not a recruiter. I have worked at Medical Solutions for over five years and think it is a great company that has a lot to offer nurses and allied health professionals interested in a travel career. I do post just a small sampling of travel nursing jobs from Medical Solutions, but mostly I write about travel nursing. On this site you will not be recruited on this blog (unless you specifically inquire about traveling with Medical Solutions then I will forward your info to a Recruiter). I understand that you are reading and/or commenting on this blog purely for informational purposes and I want you to enjoy that experience My job is to help you meet your career goals by sharing information, advice and the benefits of travel nursing with you.

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