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Registering Your Car on a Travel Nursing Assignment


Registering Your Car for travel nurse assignment

Registering your car in a new state every time you take an assignment can be quite expensive. However, do you really need to register your car every time?   Here is some advice on what you should do to adhere to state laws and also what other travel nurses have done in the past.

What you should do:

Contact the DMV in the state you are moving to. Tell them your situation. Some will say that you do not need to register your car unless you are becoming a resident, some will say if you are staying in the state for more than two weeks you need to register the vehicle, and some will say they have an out-of-state vehicle fee (less than a regular registration) that you can obtain while you are there. The main thing to remember is that every state is different, so just ask them.

What many travel nurses do:

Most travel nurses do not register their vehicle when on assignment. While this may be illegal in some states, the only reason it would be a problem is if you are pulled over more than once. If you are pulled over once, usually a courteous and naive explanation will do fine. They will then tell you the law for that state and expect you to register your car within two weeks. At this point, you should definitely and absolutely adhere to the law.  Because: If you are pulled over a second time, you will most likely not be that lucky.

The latter explanation is not advised by Travel Nursing Blogs or Healthcare Travelbook, we’re just stating what other travel nurses have done in the past. If you have questions, consult the DMV.

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