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Travel nursing can be tasty when you try regional foods


travel nurse eating a pizzaOne of the best parts about travel nursing is the chance to try new regional foods that aren’t part of your normal diet. Tasting local specialties is a great way to not only exp and your pallette, but also your awareness of and connectedness to the places you are staying.

When you take a chance and try some tasty new foods, you also get the chance to experience the authentic restaurants that serve them  and exp and your view of the world. So whether it is discovering you love clam chowder or finding out that fish tacos aren’t your thing, take some time to try all the different foods you will encounter while on your assignments.

To get you started here is a checklist of famous American regional foods. See how many you can check off during your travels.


  • Boston’s Clam Chowder
  • Maryl and ‘s Crab Cakes
  • New York City’s Bagels
  • New York Beef on Weck
  • New York-Style Pizza
  • Philadelphia’s Philly Cheesesteak
  • Washington, D.C. Half Smoke
  • Rhode Isl and Coffee Milk


  • Cincinnati’s Chili
  • Chicago’s Hot Dogs
  • Chicago-Style Pizza
  • Illinois Horseshoe S and wich
  • Illinois Jibarito
  • Iowa Loose Meat S and wich
  • Ohio Polish Boy  


  • Carolina-Style Barbecue
  • Kansas City-Style Barbecue
  • Kentucky Hot Brown
  • Memphis-Style Barbecue
  • Missouri Gooey Butter Cake
  • New Orleans’ Gumbo
  • New Orleans’ Po’ Boys
  • St. Louis-Style Barbecue
  • South Carolina Benne Wafers
  • Texas’ Tex-Mex Cuisine
  • Texas’ Chicken-Fried Steak
  • Texas-Style Barbecue


  • Arizona Sonoran Hot Dog
  • California Cioppino
  • L.A.’s California Burrito
  • San Diego’s Fish Tacos
  • Seattle’s Coffee

Way West

  • Hawaii Spam Musubi
  • Honolulu, Hawaii’s Poke

Here are some links that describe these tasty foods:

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