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Pet Deposits: What to Expect from Travel Nurse Housing


travel nursing with pets; pet depositsMany travelers are electing to bring their pets with them on assignment, especially as travel nurse companies are becoming more lenient with their housing regulations. While many are finding it easier than ever to travel with their little companion, it does come with a price. So, just how much is it going to cost you to travel with your pet?

In addition to the normal pet supplies you will need, most housing will require a pet deposit. Some deposits are nonrefundable fees, while some are refundable.  Average pet deposits range from $300-$500 depending on you’re the size, breed and number of animal(s). States with higher costs of living like California and New York can be upwards of $500 to $1000. Jill Budler, our Housing Expert, says that “The East Coast most definitely has higher pet deposits/fees/costs across the board.”

Although l and lords say their pet deposits are refundable, it always doesn’t mean you get the full amount back; actually, most times you do not. Jill says she usually sees about 90% of the deposits refunded. Other travelers report they usually receive about 50% of their deposit, depending on damage. By law, the l and lord has up to 30 days to send you your refunded pet deposit.

Is it worth it to take your loyal lovable pet with you on assignment? Most pet lovers would say ‘yes.” If you were to take 3 assignments in a year, you might end up paying upwards of $1000 just in pet deposits. Remember to take into consideration not receiving the full amount back. But, if you are on a tight budget it might be a wise decision to leave them with a friend or family member for a few assignments.

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