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By March 23, 2012 1 Comments

ObamaCare: Solution or Problem to Travel Nurses?


Obama Care, Good For Travel Nurses?The nature of healthcare in the United States will be a major issue in the 2012 Presidential election. Our current President Barack Obama and a majority of the Senate favor new options for health insurance. Critics of this administration in Washington DC and the media, often refer to this as “Obama Care.” Meanwhile, a shortage of qualified nursing personnel in parts of the United States has increased the need for the Travel Nursing Industry to exp and . Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Vocations Nurses and other members of the allied health professions are increasingly traveling to find employment. What exactly is the concept and how will it impact the Traveling Nurse Industry positively or negatively?

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law what is known as “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as a United States federal statute, more commonly known as “ObamaCare”. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was backed by the 111th United States Congress in session. This statue is also known by the Colloquial name “Obama Care.”

This controversial statue was to change and reform many aspects of the current health care industry. These changes included m and ate of the private health insurance industry and access to public health insurance programs. The act also exp and ed access to private health insurance to over 30 million Americans. Many of those now covered by private insurance had otherwise been denied coverage due to what were considered by the health insurance industry as “pre-existing” conditions.

The healthcare reform movement favored by the current President and Democratic members of the House and Senate, has long been a bone of contention due to the increased national spending that will occur. It is also has angered opponents, as any federal statutes or laws are seen as taking control away from the individual states. Lobbyists from the private health care insurance industry argue tirelessly that this will take the control away from private enterprise. They wish for the healthcare industry to regulate and reform itself from within. Many political opponents of the President have publically and fiercely denounced “Obama Care.” They see any health care reform as a move to provide Americans with a system of socialized medicine. Critics see this as the elimination of competition between insurance companies and in direct opposition of our system of capitalism.

What is not in contention is the vast numbers of uninsured Americans. It is estimated that just restoring the option of insurance benefits to those left uninsured by “pre-existing conditions” will reduce the number of the uninsured Americans by 32 million by the year 2019. However, how will this impact the Travel Nursing Industry? Will an increase in the number of Americans able to buy private insurance or become eligible for federal plans increase the need for nursing professionals?

Currently, many sectors of the public are denied or will forgo medical care. This includes visits to hospitals, doctor’s offices for check-ups and tests, health care clinics, therapies and the services of private and vocational nurses. If millions of Americans can now qualify and no longer be denied health insurance, there should be an increased need to hire health care professionals. The impact of this bill should be a positive one for the Travel Nurse Industry.

About the Author:

Casey Anderson is a freelance writer who is always conscious about her health. Recently, the topic of health care reform had her interest and had started writing about the issue to help people understand it better. Writing has always been one of her passion and still dreams to be a professional writer someday.

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    Hospitals cannot afford to hire more healthcare professionals, therefore they make you work harder with a greater patient to nurse ratio with extremely unsafe conditions.

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