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By November 12, 2012 1 Comments

ObamaCare a Positive for Nursing?


nursing  and  obamacareThe day after President Obama was reelected, publicly traded healthcare industry stocks soared. Many view this as an indication that the healthcare reform “The Patient Protection and  Affordable Care Act“ or simply “ObamaCare” is overall a positive for the industry helping exp and revenues for hospitals.

The reelection of the president ensures the progression of ObamaCare and its goal to extend healthcare coverage to more than 30 million uninsured American by 2014. Mitt Romney had promised to repeal the law if he were elected. Many healthcare professionals feel confident in the reform and see the uncertainty clearing because there won’t be repeal.

ObamaCare seems positive for healthcare staff as well. Since millions of Americans will soon qualify and no longer be denied insurance, there will inevitably be a large dem and for nurses. While many unemployed nurses will soon find employment and many new open positions will surface, there just seems to be one large problem….not enough nurses to go round.

What do you think? Is ObamaCare a positive for nurses?



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  1. This article poses a great question. I love the idea of more jobs for nurses, and while there has been a shortage of nurses in the past, I’m seeing more and more individuals gravitating toward wanting to be a nurse… so perhaps with more job openings, will come more dynamic nurses.

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