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Cheesy keychain = Appreciation? What do you think of Nurses Week?


Nurses Week is just around the corner and I thought I would share an intriguing and  fun Nurses Week promotional event I have seen floating around the nursing world on the web, the Advance’s Worst Nurses Week Gift Ever contest. The winner (or maybe loser more appropriately) receives a $500 gift certificate to the the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop. But the real fun is sharing your story and reading everyone else’s.

One day last week I went home sick and actually read all the responses from the nurses who took part (The deadline is May 12th BTW so you still have some time to enter). Some of the stories were hilarious, others were just sad, it was surprising to see so many hospitals and healthcare facilities that couldn’t take the time to even acknowledge the week or clearly took so little time that it came across as nothing more than an afterthought.

It was also interesting to see how many nurses don’t think the week is needed at all and see it as demeaning to the profession. I can see both sides on this, but I was wondering what you think? What is your opinion of Nurses Week? Maybe we need to create Travel Nurses Week?

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  1. missbhavens


    Oh, I could certainly do without yet another giant tin of tri-flavored popcorn.

  2. Angela Gutierrez


    The gift we received last year was a wooden cutting board. What does that tell a hard working nurse? That wooden board never ended up in my kitchen. It appears our nation in all aspects are busier & busier and less humanistic with appreciation. This is humbling takedown of appreciation for the hard work nurses put in. Remember, we don’t just “put in” extra hours of work- we are putting in extra hours of saving lives.. now what is that worth. We are not asking for the gifts such as cruise by any means, although after a long hard shift that would be nice. If you treat and respect your nurses with genuine apprecation they in return feel wanted, appreciated, empowered. Attitudes are contagious and given the type of appreciation nurses recieve can affect the moral of work ethic on the floors. The over and beyond that some nurses do will deminish as it has in the past 20 years which has gotten us in the shortage of hospital nurses we have today. This is a field of work is a calling. Nurses should be lifted and empowered to continue to work for what we were called to do; helping heal the sick. Knowing we make a difference is what counts. Knowng the money we make for hospitals is even a greater frustration to not receive a geniune appreciation gift.

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