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The Nurses of Hurricane Sandy


the nurses of hurricane sandyWith the end of hurricane Sandy in sight, and the destruction surfacing from underneath the floodwaters, I thought I would take a moment to mention an incredible story that also emerged from the rubble. As a token of gratitude to all the nurses who stayed to help and a salute to all the rescue workers who faced the floods, here is an amazing story of the dedication and determination shown by a few New York nurses:

As hurricane Sandy hurled down the emptied street of New York City, her winds knocked over power lines and pulled out electrical wires.  According to one Huffington Post article, some of this hardware belonged to NYU Hospital and its neo-natal center.  Without power, the staff was left with no light, let alone technology like respirators and incubators.  Although the department was located on one of the top floors, leaving 9 flights on stairs between their patients and the awaiting ambulances, the nurses in NYU hospital were able to evacuate their patients at the staggering rate of 1 every 15 minutes.  The nurses of four of these babies even kept their patients breathing through manual respiration all the way down the stairs and out the door.  All of the nurses chose to remain anonymous.

Stories like this one remind the world of the importance of nurses and their work around the world.  Although they may not run into collapsing buildings or rescue those trapped under rubble, nurses work tirelessly to save lives… every day.  In fact, the most incredible part of this story is its normality.  These nurses are only exceptional in their situation- not their action.  Nurses everywhere would do the same for their patients in this situation and these particular nurses are a wonderful illustration of the care nurses continuously exhibit for their patients.  The anonymity they maintain just furthers this symbol of unparalleled selflessness.

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