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By February 25, 2009 21 Comments

Nurse resume writing services


Recently, Jeff added this post about the importance of your resume, Travel nursing checklist item #14 – Knockout resumes hospitals love. There is a lot of great information there about what you need to have on your travel nursing resume. But it got me thinking about those nurses who may want some help from a professional to write their resume.

So I’ve compiled a short-list of online resume writing services for nurses:

If you decide to work with a resume writer, it will cost you. Prices vary somewhat so make sure you shop around and know what you feel comfortable paying.

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21 Comments on "Nurse resume writing services"

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  1. I have used your suggestions to write my resume and hired as a Nurse Practitioner.
    Thanks for making available this information and helping me achieve my career goals!

  2. “If you decide to work with a resume writer, it will cost you.”

    Very true on this one. But with the very competitive job market today, it would be wise to invest in a resume professionally written to get the attention of an employer/recruiter.

  3. Bret says:

    Thanks for the comment Blogger for Resume Builder! I definitely think there is value in resume writing services especially if you don’t feel comfortable putting together your own resume or if you are looking for an edge in getting your resume noticed.

    By the way, your site looks very good. Do you have writers experienced with writing resumes for nurses?

  4. Hi Bret,

    We just want to thank you for including our sister company, in one of your trusted resume writers. Since the nursing industry has been growing internationally, I think nurses should also consider perfecting their resumes through the resume writing services.

    We look forward to your updates and news in the nursing industry.

  5. IP says:

    You should be careful with any resume writing services, most of them provide canned reports wich doesn’t worth any money

  6. hemen parekh says:

    Re-writing of a resume involves

    ? Paraphrasing the content without distorting the substance

    ? Re-arranging of the presentation for great visual appeal

    This makes resume re-writing a highly-skilled job , best left to expert / professional resume-writers.

    But converting one’s plain text resume into

    ? 8 visual / analytical graphs

    ? Re-arranging these graphs into thousands of unique combinations

    – and doing this Online / Automatically / Instantly , is something which is impossible without the help of an intelligent software.

    It took me quite some time to develop precisely such a software – then make it freely available to all at

    hemen parekh

    Mumbai – India

  7. hemen parekh says:

    As compared to a jobseeker writing her own resume, a resume written by a professional expert resume-writer would any day prove better.


    Before sending that well-written resume to a recruiter, can a jobseeker figure-out in advance whether that resume will

     get ” read / rated / ranked and scored ” by recruiter ?

     get compared automatically with resumes of other applicants ?

     get an interview-call ?

    She can – if she will only type ” Resume Rater ” in Google and download this software tool ( free ) from any of the 35+ websites.

    Resume Rater mimics the ” resume-evaluation ” process of recruiters and does it in an unbiased / objective way.


    hemen parekh

  8. Fill in the gap. What did you do during this time in addition to taking care of your family? Perhaps you took up a training course? Did you volunteer? Were you active in the community? If so, list it above your latest employment but don’t exaggerate (like calling yourself the CEO of your home. I know sometimes it feels like a just title but it really does not translate to the business folks). Also, if you only volunteered once, don’t list it. When listing volunteer, you must state where, how often, and the difference you made as a volunteer. In addition, being able to add a part-time job or volunteer work with dates, will help technically fill that gap so that you at least make it through the online computerized sorting and have an opportunity to reassure an actual human being that taking a chance on you is not as risky as they might think.

  9. Personally,In making any kind of resume you should Customize your resume based on the type of job. Be clear. Trying to impress the employer with a more extensive vocabulary, might be misunderstood or turnoff a potential employer. Honesty is very important in building a resume.

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  11. LPN Schools says:

    Yes i think it would be wise to invest in a resume professionally written to get the attention of an employer.

  12. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  13. Golden chance for nurses. and they can build career very easily. and get the confidence also from this job. my cousin also interested this type of job. so i am going to forward it to her. i am sure she will apply soon,

  14. mzxlsn says:

    Hey thanks!!! I like the way you are providing information about resume

  15. Robert says:

    Well to be found by staffing agencies and potential employers you need to post your resume on job boards where you can be found like and the last one agentrn is a new job board but they pull jobs from across the web and is geard for medical jobs.

  16. This information sounds very basic, but there are many job seekers who do not know how to write a professional resume but it takes the necessary time to proofread his/her resume.

  17. nice blog.. thanks for sharing with us!!!

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  19. RWD says:

    The key to writing a good nurse resume is to focus on your key skills and core qualities, identify what makes you good at your job, and demonstrate what you’ve accomplished. Check out this professionally written nursing resume sample and a complete writing guide!

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