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By April 23, 2008 2 Comments

New Contributor to


Hello! My name is Bret Nellor. I am a Marketing Specialist with Medical Solutions and will be contributing to this blog regularly.

I have been in the marketing field for the past 11 years but I am fairly new to the travel nursing industry. I do not have a nursing background, but I think I can add an interesting point of view on many issues and topics.

My goal is to provide helpful information here and I look forward to reading your comments which will help guide the content I’ll be posting.

Take care!

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  1. Debi Austin


    I have a question. I’ve been w/same company for 8 yrs and have always felt I’ve been given a fair shake until now. I’ve discovered that all the “other” travelers on my unit are making MORE than me. I’ve addressed to my recruiter/marketer and even the CEO of the company and they’re all jerking me around. Excuses re: “their bill rate” I KNOW THE DRILL…the hospital pays ALL COMPANIES THE SAME and from there they dole out the dough. Whateva the nurse DOESN’T get the company KEEPS…
    So what should I do. I want to know the BEST WAY TO MARKET myself for the future and am WORTH every nickel.

  2. Bret says:

    That’s a great question that can be very confusing for many people and it can be frustrating to see someone else in the same job making more money than you are. Without knowing all the particulars of your situation, I will tell you that you need to consider your entire compensation package. For example, with my company we offer our travelers the ability to customize their pay package. So while one person may want more hourly pay, another may choose to get bonuses with a vehicle rental. The important thing to remember is that the total compensation is the same for both but they have chosen to receive it in different ways.

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