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Meet MTV’s “Scrubbing In” Cast

Meet MTV's "Scrubbing In" Cast

Meet MTV’s “Scrubbing In” Cast

MTV’s controversial travel nurse reality show, “Scrubbing In” will finally premiere this Thursday, October 24th at 10/9 Central.

The network has recently released a little more info on the cast, including some videos.

First, one video allows us to meet MTV’s “Scrubbing In” cast Tyrice, Chris, Fern and o, Adrian, Chelsey, Michelle, Crystal, Nikki, and Heather,  and learn more about them.

Here are a few quotes from the video:

“I would never party the night before a shift,” says Adrian, who is pinpointed as being the biggest partier. “It’s an awful idea.”

“The best part about being a nurse is giving back to the community, taking care of patients, making someone feel better,” says Fern and o.

“That stuff is what makes nursing worth it, when you see the impact you’ve had on somebody,” says Nikki.

“We care deeply for our patients, but, we are in our 20s and we wanna have a good time,” says Crystal.

“They’re definitely gonna see the middle ground between nursing profession — saving lives, serious career — to ‘Hey, we’re also still human. And we’re young, and we’re gonna get out there and enjoy ourselves too,” says Fern and o, summing it all up.

There are also a couple of short, single cast member bios up now that let you meet MTV’s “Scrubbing In” cast — one for Adrian and one for Tyrice (click here to check out Travel Nursing Blogs’ interview with Tyrice!).

Another fun meet the “Scrubbing In” cast video is called “Misconceptions of Being a Nurse.” Some of the stereotypes they address are definitely popular, and also ones that we have heard travel nurses speak out against, such as “Anyone can be a nurse,” “Nursing is a female profession,” “Nursing is like what you see on TV,” and “Nurses are people who failed at being doctors.”

We know that many nurses are upset about this show, and many of them have voiced this concern here on Travel Nursing Blogs, where we’ve been following the show.

To those who are against the show: Does being able to meet MTV’s “Scrubbing In” cast and hear about their commitment to nursing make you feel any more optimistic about the show?


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