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How to manage your mail while on a travel nursing assignment


There is much to prepare for when leaving on your next travel nursing assignment and how you h and le your mail and bills is a very important one to think about. Thankfully the 21st century has given us many alternatives to how we can send and receive mail. Whether you’re leaving your home base for 13 weeks or longer, there are a few different ways in which to h and le the mail you receive.

In this day and age there are many advances in the way we can manage our lives. The internet being the biggest one and it provides us with many conveniences that not so long ago were only a dream. No longer do we have to sort through all the different bills and paperwork we receive, buy stamps, buy envelopes and then get those materials to a mailbox. No, those days are long gone and for you as a traveler, this is a godsend. We all have bills to pay and many companies today offer a paperless system in which you receive statements via email. In turn, you are able to take care of the payments directly through the company’s website or sign-up for some sort of easy-pay system with your banks. You can set up the amounts and the day the money is to be withdrawn from your account, giving you peace of mind that you didn’t forget to send in your payment and avoid the costly late fees. This feature has to be the biggest advancement in the way we can manage our finances and lives as a whole, and of course this is a great way to start yourself being green.

Get your mail while on a travel nursing assignmentAnother great automated way to take care of the mail you receive is to use a mail forwarding service. These companies will collect your mail, sort it out and get rid of any unnecessary items you would consider “junk mail.” A great example of this service would be by a company, America’s Mailbox. This company is based out of Rapid City, SD and gives you many options as to how you want your mail to be h and led. Another similar service is offered by PostNet. Here you rent out a mailbox and have your mail delivered to the box address and then have it forwarded to you, wherever you are. Of course another alternative would be the tried and true, United States Postal Service. You can sign up for the free mail forwarding service, which is good for up to six months or you can register yourself for the premium service which collects your mail and then sends it in weekly batches.

There’s no reason you should miss out on any important deliveries or letters. If you these automated ways are too much for you to h and le and you may not trust them, there is of course the use of family and friends who live near your permanent mailing address. Maybe a parent or sibling lives close and they can do the collecting and sorting for you. This would be the cheapest alternative and may offer you a bit more peace of mind when it comes to your mail. The best way to take care of this would be to stock up on the prepaid envelopes or boxes and have them fill it up per week and send it your way, when time comes.  It’s up to you whether you want to hassle them with this chore – that’s why there are paid service options. The choice is yours. Either way, these are all great ways to manage your life from the road. I hope this helps and if you have other options to share, by all means…

About the Author:

Patrick Fuerstenau here. Born in Kentucky, raised in Germany, landed in Nebraska and still here. I've been involved with Marketing and Advertising for over a decade. It all began with an internship at an ad agency in Omaha, followed by a 9 year stint as a graphic artist at the lone major newspaper in Omaha. A friend of mine told me about an opening at her company and said that it was the best gig she's ever had... So I decided to spread my proverbial wings and see what I could do for them and vice versa. So here I am at Medical Solutions as a Marketing Specialist for a great travel nursing company. This by far has been a major blessing in my life. I love the work I get to do just as much as I love the people who make up this fabulous company. I can see myself here for a long time... As long as they'll have me. Now that we've got the career timeline out of the way... Let me tell you a little about who I am. I am oh so passionate about the game of futbol! I've been playing soccer since the age of 8 and am still playing today. If I couldn't at least kick the ball around, I don't know what I would do with myself. I fear getting old. I also have a strong love for the arts... Music, Visual arts, Film, Design... pretty much anything and everything arty. I'm happy go lucky and am always looking to have a good time. Just ask my manager! And I love writing about travel nursing.

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  1. shannon says:

    I have done my research and the mail forwarding service at “BeInUS” seems to be the best way to go for me. They consolidate it all and get rid of junk mail and stuff. they’re great

  2. Tracy


    Traveling Mailbox suites my needs perfectly when I travel! Great company with fast and efficient support.

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