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Listening to Music While Driving to Your Travel Nurse Assignment


Music for your Travel Nurse AssignmentDriving to your assignment can get boring easily listening to the radio or the small amount of MP3s you own. Even if your iPod is full of music, it still can seem monotonous listening to the same library of music. Luckily in the progressive nature of technology, there are new ways to get your music fix.   No more paying $1 for songs or worrying about reaching the full capacity of your iPod. The newest way to listen to music is to stream it – for free! Sounds great, huh?

There are more and more services popping up that allow you to stream music for free. In case you don’t know what streaming is, it’s basically a way of getting media from the internet, without having to download it. There are a few streaming services that can come in very h and y while traveling.

P and ora

The veteran in the streaming world is P and ora. Once you visit their site, you simply type in an artist, track name, or composer that you wish. From here it generates a music playlist based on what you’ve picked. The downside to P and ora is that you have to listen to what they have picked for you, after the initial choice you’ve provided them, and the occasional commercial. In most cases, though, you’ll hear the artist you’ve picked more than once. But, hey, it’s a free service.

After listening for an hour or so, it will ask you to create a quick account.  Another great thing is that they have a free mobile app.  So as long as you have a 3g/4g network on your phone, you can stream to your heart’s desire, whenever, wherever.


The new up- and -comer heavy weight streamer is Spotify. With Spotify, you can listen to any artist, album, genre or playlist that is available in their very, very large database (millions of tracks).  They even have new albums that were released that day available.  As opposed to P and ora, with Spotify, the music choice is all up to you.

Sign-up is simple and done through Facebook. It is a necessity to download their program to your computer, but the music you listen to will not be on your hard drive or take up any space.

The perks of Spotify are becoming endless. With the free version you can listen to unlimited music, make playlists of your favorites and even share your music with others. It also dubs as an organizer of your own music (basically functions like iTunes). With the premium accounts, which range from $5-10 a month, you can listen on your mobile app, listen offline (awesome!!), no commercials and listen to on any device (phone, computer, iPad, iPod).  It’s a pretty unbelievable service.

A trick to trying out their premium service is to do the 30 day trial, this way you can listen to all the music you want while driving to your assignment on your mobile phone. You can cancel the premium anytime up until the 30th day. But chances are, you’ll love the premium version, and keep it like I did.

Here are some other online streamers with mobile apps:

Tunein Radio



If you have Spotify or will download it after this post… Check out the Travel Nursing Playlist by Medical Solutions.  A great collection of road trip songs for your drive! Happy travels.

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